Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How does your garden grow?

The only right answer to that is, hopefully it does grow!!
We have been busy preparing for our very first garden. We did plant some tomatoes in pots in Seattle. It was sometimes comical how we would move them around the garden a couple times a day chasing a bit of sun. We are hoping that the sun and warmth will help our garden here flourish. I have been reading a book called the square foot gardener and am basing our project on that.

A couple of weeks ago we planted some seeds in milk jug "green houses" to see if they would grow. It was a bit of an experiment, and now we have one tiny cucumber...
 lots of broccoli...
 a couple of french beans...
 and one zucchini.
We had a bit of trouble during a windy night. The plants were on top of our table to protect them from predators (Gemma) and they blew right off. We lost the cucumber and zucchini on the ground. I decided to scoop it all back in and see what happens. I think we are lucky to have even one little plant survive.

So now that our seeds were sprouting we needed a garden to transplant them to. Enter phase two, building the raised beds.
We (Alex) built two raised beds, 4 ft X 4ft, six inches high. We then moved them to the garden and lined them with weed cloth.
Then we filled them with our special mix of soil.
Finally, the peanut gallery (also known as babysitting crew, tomato taste testers) arrived to see the final product. You mark off the raised bed in one foot squares to guide what you can plant in each square.
Next weekend we need to finish the second box and plant the seedlings and more seeds. Then enters phase three. Protecting the garden from predators (Winsty, Gemma, snails, birds, bunny's, you name it.) Oh and then there is the trellis we need to build. If you can't find us for the next 6 months...we will be in the garden.

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