Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sweet face

You know how some people just have a certain face they make? That face is sort of their "signature" look. Well, Gemma has a couple of them. They are real doozy's. Do people say doozy anymore?

This is her I know I am cute in my new Valentine's romper from Granny and Grampy look. Better known as the I am going to run away from you pose. We see a lot of this pose, followed by roaring laughter and usually headed toward a busy road. 
 This is the ok, ok, I am coming back already so stop losing your temper look. Funny GG.
 This is definitely one of her signature faces. She has used it since she was so very little. She does it all the time like when she hears an airplane, or when you gasp like something is going to happen. She likes to do her startled, "oh my gosh face."
 This is her newest face and a huge favorite. She started doing it out of the blue and got such a reaction out of everyone that she does it all the time for attention now. We can even request this face and she will do it for all to see and laugh. Alex calls it "lazer eyes."
 Gemma, do your face, lazer eyes. I think an eye roll is going to be added to this one in a few years.
 This is what you get when you try to get two sisters to pose nicely together for a photo. Note to self, chairs do not make good props when your monkeys think they are for climbing.

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