Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Last year it was called Balem-times. I guess we are making progress this year. The girls love any and every holiday. We even celebrated it earlier in the week with Granny and Grampy England, complete with table decorations and presents!!  The day after Valentines Lily says, can we have another Valentimes again soon? I agree. One a month please!
 We started the day off with special treats in a tiny mail box. There has been a lot of post office mail play ever since. Lily got candy, bubbles, and tattoos. Gemma got mini M&M's and a cell phone. Girl loves her a cell phone.
Special breakfast of home made dark chocolate donuts with sprinkles, and strawberries. We have our very own strawberry stand (a mini van) two blocks from our house. Let's just say this year round amazing strawberry supply is awesome. Gemma's approach was a giant shove in the mouth.
 Lily approached hers by eating all the glaze and sprinkles off, then leaving the actual donut behind. Very peculiar indeed. She does the same with cupcakes usually.
 Then it was off to preschool for Lily and a valentines party with her class. She came home with a decorated bag full of Valentines and treats. They had sugar cookies with frosting and sprinkles as snack too. Can you see the sugar and sprinkle trend here? Gemma of course refused to take a nap in the morning. So off to Grandma's we went. We met for lunch then played at her house and had more valentine surprises.
 Lily has been all about penguins lately after reading a library book about baby penguins. This has led to watching the movie happy feet. Then came the request for a REAL baby penguin of her own. She will not be swayed with concerns of how we would care for this penguin.
GopGop managed to find a baby penguin that moves and chirps and has a bottle to feed it. Now we can care for our own baby penguin at home. Of course we were festive in our red and pink outfits and a you never can over do it with head bands. We rounded the day out at home with a family favorite meal. Pesto noodles. I decided to for go the fancy meal that might be met with sour faces and make something we could all enjoy. In peace and quiet. My valentine left me roses in the morning, even though he had to be off to work at 6am. We get to go on a date night later in the week, a real dinner out and a concert? Wow, we won't know what to do with ourselves! Like Lily said, can't we do Valentimes again soon?

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