Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Quiz

Spring break is the best because:

A. Sometimes your cousins drive 17 hours south to visit
B. You get to stay up late, sleep in and eat lots of candy
C. You get to celebrate Easter early and perfect your egg hunting skills
D. All of the above

Hip Hip Hooray!!! The cousins came down for their spring break to visit us!! We had a wonderful time complete with an early easter celebration.

The whole family came over Sunday and we started with hunting for our easter baskets. The bunny from grandmas house came early and left bags for each kid. I thought I was a kid but unfortunately this bunny does not recognize me any more.

Lily and Charlie are hunting everywhere. He was a tricky bunny. For some reason Lily felt it necessary to wear her lady bug girl costume and enlist the help of Charlies build a bear.
Owen had a hard time finding his as well. I think the bunny has gotten more clever over the years. Or maybe a mischievous Uncle has stepped into the role.
Ahh, digging through the loot. The best part.
I didn't know easter bunnies gave out mater teeth!

After a fair amount of candy was consumed it was time for dinner. We went a little untraditional and deep fried a turkey. You should have seen the vultures at the crispy skin. I am not kidding, that turkey was picked to the bone!
The kids barely made it through the meal before they were begging for the egg hunt. So much for the so cal great weather!!  It was really raining pretty hard all day, we even had to fry the turkey under the sun umbrellas so the egg hunt was located indoors.
The easter bunny was pretty clever to put initials of each child on the big eggs so everyone had a chance to find some. The little eggs were a free for all. Everyone got plenty of loot, even Gemma although she could care less and just wanted to eat everyone elses candy.
Owen was so good to let her near his loot. It was a really good thing we had a former girl scout on hand to help teach Charlie how to do all the moves on her new rope dealy. What are those things called anyway?
It didn't take Charlie long to master it.
The kids could care less about dessert with the new round of candy but the rest of us devoured a pavlova. I made a recipe and a half and we were seriously fighting over every last crumb.

Each night Owen would tell Lily a bed time story. He made them up and told them to her in secret so he would not have a whole audience. It was basically about a creature called a Gizzum who had magic powers, was invisible, could fly, and traveled all over the world. Then at the end of each story he would write a note to the Gizzum and they would leave some candy for him in the Gizzum egg. In the morning the Gizzum would write back and leave some candy to share.
I am not sure what we are going to do about story time now. I think we will have to skype the Gizzum stories. That and we have had about 20 more egg hunts with the empty eggs. It is going to be a long week until Easter for Lily. She could do this all day every day.
The mornings brought lazy kids in PJ's watching cartoons together. They had the computer, TV and ipad all at their disposal. It was a big sacrifice for the cousins to come stay with us considering we don't have cable  TV and it was March madness!!

If only spring break could last longer, and these kids could just stay this age for a tiny bit longer. It all goes by so fast and we forget so  much. We finished the last night off watching the video from Eric and Rach's wedding and then busted out ours too. It was hilarious and we could not believe how quickly time flies and how fast they are all growing up. So bitter sweet!

Big Sis, Little Sis

When you have a sister it isn't always fun and games. Luckily it has become more and more fun and games lately. It seems there have been less arguments and shoving and more hugs and giggles. They are at a really good age now that Gemma can do most things by herself and more of the things Lily can do. Oh, and there is always water to bring on the smiles.
We repossesed our water table from Grandma's house and it has gotten a ton of use already.  
 Why have two girls if you are not going to dress them in Big Sis and Little Sis shirts once in a while?
It started innocently enough. Offering a cup of tea.
Why yes please, I would love a cup.
 Now here is where it starts to get ugly.
So much for that sisterly love. What goes around comes around so watch your back big sis.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

January Preschool

Lily started a new preschool in January after we moved into our new house. We couldn't be more pleased with the school and she LOVES it. She attends two mornings a week and comes home with the most wild tales about what happened. We only believe about 50% of what she says. Last week for instance she insisted they had plain noodles for snack. I looked at the snack calendar and it said apple slices. Hmm, I doubt they are cooking noodles and serving them plain to the kids. Who knows really?

She started calling it January preschool because she started in January and they must had reviewed the calendar so much she thought it was the name of the school. It has since stuck and we all call it January preschool.

They had school photos a few weeks ago. Instead of the classic sit in front of a blue backdrop they had a photographer come and take "candid" pics on the playground. Of course they turned out great so we had to buy a bunch of the digital images. 

Here is her classic, trying not to smile, smile. I think this one is my favorite.

 Then she forgot not to smile and just did it. No maybe this one is my favorite.
 Her "I am being shy look". She tells me some days, I am going to be shy today. Then she is. Silly.
 Her flushed cheeks she has had since birth. I think they were worried she was over heating the first week of school. She is a fair skinned English girl after all. This California weather takes some getting used to.
 It is so hard to pick a favorite. Now we have to explain to Gemma why we have almost no professional photos of her since birth. Guess we better remedy that quick!
I had to include a scanned copy of the class picture. This just cracks me up every time. I know it is small and therefore hard to tell but Lily is sitting smack center in the back row...wearing a tiara and a scowl. This is funny for so many reasons but mostly because she is not much of a princess type girl. She usually chooses animals for dress up. I don't think she has ever tried on a tiara before school. When I asked her why she was wearing a crown she stated, "because I was being a princess" as if it was everyday attire. As for the scowl perhaps it has something to do with the girl next to her clinging to her for dear life. Oh and Lily has no idea what that girls name is. In fact she only knows the name of one teacher and one girl in her class. I guess at the ripe age of three and a half she has better things to do than worry about other kids. Let's hope that lasts a while longer.