Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Big Sis, Little Sis

When you have a sister it isn't always fun and games. Luckily it has become more and more fun and games lately. It seems there have been less arguments and shoving and more hugs and giggles. They are at a really good age now that Gemma can do most things by herself and more of the things Lily can do. Oh, and there is always water to bring on the smiles.
We repossesed our water table from Grandma's house and it has gotten a ton of use already.  
 Why have two girls if you are not going to dress them in Big Sis and Little Sis shirts once in a while?
It started innocently enough. Offering a cup of tea.
Why yes please, I would love a cup.
 Now here is where it starts to get ugly.
So much for that sisterly love. What goes around comes around so watch your back big sis.

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