Sunday, April 29, 2012


We decided to take advantage of the great weather today and go somewhere we have been talking about for some time now. Griffith Park. It has so much to offer (including the LA zoo) but we wanted to explore some of the smaller highlights of the park. First stop was train town. It is a train museum and has a small train you can ride around the park. Of course, we hit the train ride first. GG decided to ride standing up. Dad let her of course, but safety officer mom probably would have made her sit down and hold on. 
Lily is an old pro at train rides. She rode a real train to London's Paddington station after all!
This gives you a perspective on the size of the train we were on. I think it is the same one they have at the Santa Barbara zoo. Something tells me we have many years and blog posts with little train rides ahead.
From there we wandered the train museum. It is not so much a traditional museum as it is a graveyard for HUGE engines and cars.
The best part is you can climb on some of them.
You can be the conductor, or you can try to climb out the tiny window. If you zoom in on this picture you will see a look of sheer joy and thrill on Gemma's face.
As if one train ride wasn't enough in one day, we made our way to the next adventure. The tiny train ride. This is another area of the park and obviously some serious train lovers work endless hours to keep this exhibit alive.
It is like a toy train, only slightly bigger. And grown men sit on them. You too can sit on one.
Gemma could not ride because she was too small. Yes, tiny trains only want bigger kids to ride. I am pretty sure Gemma didn't mind.
Lily and Pops enjoyed it though. By this time we were famished. We ventured to yet another part of the park near the Griffith Observatory to a yummy cafe called trails.
The idea is you can re fuel after hiking all the trails but we just did the re fuel part. We are definitely coming back to do the hiking part. Lily was so upset we weren't going hiking she kept demanding to get out of the car. We appeased her by our next stop. The carousel. Lily is an old hand at this one, but it was Gemma's first ride.
Let's just say she wasn't an immediate fan. I think it was a combo of the really loud carnival music blaring, and the lack of a nap. She did warm up eventually, but I don't think she would beg to go again soon.

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