Thursday, May 31, 2012

est ends

Do you remember those necklaces you traded in junior high? The ones with a heart broken right down the middle. One person got "b fri" and the other got "est ends." Well my "est ends" came to visit last weekend from Madison and brought her adorable, charming daughter Charlotte with her. It was the best time. 
Ladies love some coffee in the sunshine!

Gemma is playing it cool.
 We started with some chill time in the back yard. R&R done the ladies way!
I know, rough life.  We also made our way to the farm. We needed to make the Madison folk feel at home. You can feed the animals. 
You can ride down a really fast John Deer tractor. 
 Little people can sit in the wooden train.
 Driven by the cool big sister.
 Don't worry, I supervised this train ride.
Kristen provided all cool gear for my girls to wear. Bucky Badger shirts of course and glasses!
There was a cow train that took you around the farm. This was very exciting.

Oh, and verrrryyyyy bumpy!!  
 The highlight was perhaps the pony ride. Of course right?
Kristen was also so kind as to provide the girls with a glitter manicure and pedicure. This was a huge hit! Lily had never had her nails painted before and was so excited.
 The finished product!
 Don't these toes look a little like the baby toes of years past? Maybe she isn't growing up as quickly as I fear.
Well, of COURSE we made it to the beach. It was a glorious day!
 Plenty of digging in the sand. Oh and rolling in the sand. Needless to say, we have a lot of sand in our car at all times.
Alex did most of the water safely patrol and heavy digging. I did most of the "holding down the fort"
 These ladies don't seem to be having any fun do they?
 Can you tell if the best friends had fun either?
 We had so much fun and we were so sad to see them go. Lily can't stop talking about Charlotte and having her over again. It took her about four days to recover from all the fun! I guess we need to build up Lily's stamina to keep up with her friend Charlotte who was a trooper the whole visit! Come back any time ladies and you can even bring your men with you too! XOXO

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


A couple months ago we had family photos taken at the beach. We found out a photographer we knew from Seattle was going to be in town doing mini photo sessions and we took the plunge. It has been a long time since we had photos taken and the girls are growing up so fast. We just wanted to freeze time for a second and remember this time. Well, remember we will. 
 The day started out overcast but ended up being just perfect. Not too hot, not too cool.
 We had a great time in Huntington beach, caught up with some dear friends we haven't seen in forever. Played in the sand. It was lovely.
 We only had 30 minutes of the photographers time so we knew we would need to make every minute count.
 What you may not realize from these photos yet, is that one member of the family was feeling less than cooperative. I mean, REALLY less than cooperative.
 Can you guess who?
 Well, it was not this little poser. She couldn't get enough of the camera. A natural for sure.
 We did get some amazing shots that we will cherish forever. Or maybe we will laugh at them some day as they are made into a coffee table book of "early 2000, family beach photos" much like the now famous 1990's family photos in all denim.
 A little bit of magic that day, went a long way.
 Well, magic and one little yellow blanky named quacks.
 We were all wiped out by the time it was over. I can only imagine how wiped out the photographer was!
 Ok, now can you guess who was not entirely enjoying herself?
Partly she did not want her feet in the sand.
 Partly we skimped on the nap to get to the beach on time.
Partly she only wanted to be held by mom, the whole time. 
Let me tell you, it was a day we won't soon forget. Great job to Me Ra Koh for getting some awesome shots despite our less than enthusiastic littlest one.  We have enough beautiful photos to cover our walls and enough hilarious photos to hold over our little one's head for a lifetime. 

Cool Off

After the morning excitement with the snake we needed to all cool off a bit. Well, I didn't want to go in the yard ever again but Lily was determined to go in the kiddie pool. It was the perfect day for it. Not bad for two hours of easy entertainment. 
 I had to show this picture because Gemma's tush just cracks me up. She went commando under her swimsuit and her little tushy looks so funny without a diaper.
 I promise they had a blast. Not sure why they are frowning at me. Probably sick of posing for photos.
 Ahhhhh, that feels good. Playing nicely together as sisters!

Now, we know Lily is a little fish but let me tell you she has nothing on Gemma's pool moves. I think Gemma might even be more fearless than Lily was at this age in water. She loves that she could flap on her belly and back unlike the big pool where she can't touch the bottom. 
I see many, many afternoons spent doing this!! Just add cocktails and it is perfect!

Uninvited Guest

You know I mentioned snake season a couple of  times. I just didn't think it would come to our house so soon.  This morning as we were watering the garden and getting the water table filled up I went to the tap to turn on the hose and saw a head with two little eyes peeking out at me from below some bricks. Hello, little guy. Why do you have to bother us on this nice day? So, I called our friends at the local fire department to take this unwanted visitor away. 
 He tried to sneak back into his cozy burrow and they had to dig a bit to get him out.
 As you can see I watched from a safe distance.
 What they originally thought was a small gardener snake turned out to be a large gopher snake.
Lily got to give him a little pet before the fire men took him away to a new field somewhere.
I could do without all the excitement but Lily had a great time. Let's hope this is our last uninvited guest for a long time. I am glad it was not a rattlesnake but I don't think I will be keeping gopher snakes around either, or king snakes for that matter!! 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Cinco, Seis

Following our morning hike we headed to Uncle E and Auntie Rach's for some Cinco de Mayo fun. Or as we like to call it, the gringo's excuse to eat Mexican food and drink margaritas!
Lily was feeling very festive. Rach made some great food and E made his famous ribs. 
Uncle E decided to let Lily climb his tree like a monkey. She wasn't too sure about that. 
He wasn't very far in case she fell.
It wouldn't be cinco de Mayo without some theme cocktails. Most people stick to margaritas or coronas. I guess a couple of restaurants have decided to combine the two. Eric had one of these called a "muchacho" at a local mexican restaurant and decided to make his own. Essentially you invert a bottle of corona into a glass of margarita. Gross. 

The next morning we headed to Ventura to the beach. It was a great day and perfect weather. The beach has a playground right there too! What more could a couple of girls ask for?
 Ahhhh this is the good life says Lily.
 Time to check out the play structure.
 Gemma could be happy on the swings forever, but we needed to check out the water.
 They would have gone right in if we let them. Some kids were swimming but the water is pretty cold!
We will wait until next time when it is hotter. Best of all Lily made friends with a girl her age who had a ton of sand toys. The girls all played and we got to enjoy the beach ourselves for a little while! Ahhh there might be some peace at the beach this summer after all.