Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cool Off

After the morning excitement with the snake we needed to all cool off a bit. Well, I didn't want to go in the yard ever again but Lily was determined to go in the kiddie pool. It was the perfect day for it. Not bad for two hours of easy entertainment. 
 I had to show this picture because Gemma's tush just cracks me up. She went commando under her swimsuit and her little tushy looks so funny without a diaper.
 I promise they had a blast. Not sure why they are frowning at me. Probably sick of posing for photos.
 Ahhhhh, that feels good. Playing nicely together as sisters!

Now, we know Lily is a little fish but let me tell you she has nothing on Gemma's pool moves. I think Gemma might even be more fearless than Lily was at this age in water. She loves that she could flap on her belly and back unlike the big pool where she can't touch the bottom. 
I see many, many afternoons spent doing this!! Just add cocktails and it is perfect!

1 comment:

  1. So the frowning picture is fantastic! And wow, Gemma is a fish!!! Colbie's been in swimming lessons for 5 months and she does not have anything on G!!!