Thursday, May 31, 2012

est ends

Do you remember those necklaces you traded in junior high? The ones with a heart broken right down the middle. One person got "b fri" and the other got "est ends." Well my "est ends" came to visit last weekend from Madison and brought her adorable, charming daughter Charlotte with her. It was the best time. 
Ladies love some coffee in the sunshine!

Gemma is playing it cool.
 We started with some chill time in the back yard. R&R done the ladies way!
I know, rough life.  We also made our way to the farm. We needed to make the Madison folk feel at home. You can feed the animals. 
You can ride down a really fast John Deer tractor. 
 Little people can sit in the wooden train.
 Driven by the cool big sister.
 Don't worry, I supervised this train ride.
Kristen provided all cool gear for my girls to wear. Bucky Badger shirts of course and glasses!
There was a cow train that took you around the farm. This was very exciting.

Oh, and verrrryyyyy bumpy!!  
 The highlight was perhaps the pony ride. Of course right?
Kristen was also so kind as to provide the girls with a glitter manicure and pedicure. This was a huge hit! Lily had never had her nails painted before and was so excited.
 The finished product!
 Don't these toes look a little like the baby toes of years past? Maybe she isn't growing up as quickly as I fear.
Well, of COURSE we made it to the beach. It was a glorious day!
 Plenty of digging in the sand. Oh and rolling in the sand. Needless to say, we have a lot of sand in our car at all times.
Alex did most of the water safely patrol and heavy digging. I did most of the "holding down the fort"
 These ladies don't seem to be having any fun do they?
 Can you tell if the best friends had fun either?
 We had so much fun and we were so sad to see them go. Lily can't stop talking about Charlotte and having her over again. It took her about four days to recover from all the fun! I guess we need to build up Lily's stamina to keep up with her friend Charlotte who was a trooper the whole visit! Come back any time ladies and you can even bring your men with you too! XOXO

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