Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May, in like a...

If March comes in like a Lion, then May comes in like a rattlesnake. I am getting ahead of myself now, you see "snake season" is upon us. It is one of Lily's favorite topics of conversation.

We decided to take a hike on Saturday morning and ventured to a waterfall hike nearby that Alex and Lily scoped out a couple of weekends ago. All geared up and ready to go. That doesn't look like an excited face Gemma!
The first spot you make it to is a tee pee shelter.  We still had a way to go but everyone was still excited and in a good mood. 
Alex doesn't leave home without his coffee these days. I have created a monster. That and it takes him all day to drink one cup. We did eventually make it out of the teepee and on the rest of the trail. Lily insists on wearing a backpack when hiking. She usually carries the snacks (so she is sure to get some) and a penguin or two.
You hike down to a lovely waterfall. There were crazy people there letting their kids swim in the green nasty water. Have fun with that folks. 
Lily is quite the poser these days. At least she sits still for photos unlike some little people I know.
April showers brought cactus flowers.
You even get to cross the stream a couple of times. This is serious hiking people!
We had to break for nourishment. Hiking takes a bit longer with little feet so we have to re-energize.
This was also the portion where we got to head back up the steep grade to get to the parking lot. There may have been a little, "I don't want to hike anymore" action going on. We were rewarded for our hard work with a little nature show as well. The first snake of the season.
Yes, it was a rattlesnake. He didn't shake his rattle for us since we gave him plenty of room to go on his merry way. 
So it is truly rattlesnake season now. Let's hope this was our one and only sighting. 

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