Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Uninvited Guest

You know I mentioned snake season a couple of  times. I just didn't think it would come to our house so soon.  This morning as we were watering the garden and getting the water table filled up I went to the tap to turn on the hose and saw a head with two little eyes peeking out at me from below some bricks. Hello, little guy. Why do you have to bother us on this nice day? So, I called our friends at the local fire department to take this unwanted visitor away. 
 He tried to sneak back into his cozy burrow and they had to dig a bit to get him out.
 As you can see I watched from a safe distance.
 What they originally thought was a small gardener snake turned out to be a large gopher snake.
Lily got to give him a little pet before the fire men took him away to a new field somewhere.
I could do without all the excitement but Lily had a great time. Let's hope this is our last uninvited guest for a long time. I am glad it was not a rattlesnake but I don't think I will be keeping gopher snakes around either, or king snakes for that matter!! 

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