Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Green thumb

I realize I have not done a garden update in a while. I know you are all sitting on the edge of your computer chairs waiting to see how it is going. We have already harvested all our broccoli (4 heads in the end) and four squares of beets. That ended up to be about 40 beets! We did not harvest them all at the same time so spreading it out over a month or so it was just about right. We have had a rough go with the cauliflower and snails. We will see if they ever produce any actual cauliflower. We were not impressed with our carrot harvest. They were small, funny shaped and not very tasty. Not sure I would bother again. 
 Lily wanted to be in the photo but the sun was in her eyes so she had to cover them.
This is square one. We have four heirloom tomato plants. Four cauliflower. Six stalks of corn. Three bell peppers. Two brand new okra, and one more square of newly sprouting beets.
 Alex built the "cages" as part of our original plan to trellis the tomatoes, cucumber, beans and squash. We decided to do it all around and cover it with bird netting to keep out the squirrels and rabbits. The corn is not appreciating it with the height restrictions.
 The second square has two zucchini plants, two pole beans, three french beans, three cucumber, several bell peppers, some cauliflower, three lettuce squares, one japanese eggplant, and one basil.
So far it has been a fun project for the whole family. We love to go outside and inspect and tend the garden. We love harvesting and eating our bounty. We already have plans for next years garden expansion and watering system. Now if only we could speed up the growing process and get eating some of those tomatoes!!!

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