Monday, June 11, 2012


If you are from this side of the "pond" and don't watch much BBC or Katie Couric specials you may be unaware that last weekend was the celebration of the Queen's 60th diamond jubilee. This means Queen Elizabeth has been on the throne for 60 years! Wow! We did some celebrating on this side of the pond. It was surely no match for Englands big parties but we had a great time. 
Saturday we headed to a jubilee fair supporting the British women's home. Rachel's mom Janine is a member of the local chapter and so is Grandma England when she is here. They put on a wonderful fair with British food, tea, and even traditional entertainment.
 No, this is not Rachels dad, Dan!!  It is a  beefeater who guards the tower of London. Well, I am not sure how much guarding this guy did but he was pretty authentic looking.
 They had a flag ceremony and played the national anthems.
 We enjoyed wonderful weather while watching the dancers.
Lily had the best time in the bouncy house. She would have stayed all day. 
 She got her face painted as well.
Oh and she adopted a new friend. A dalmation beanie baby. Here is a video of the Morris dancers. 

On Sunday Janine had invited us ladies over for a proper afternoon tea party. It was wonderful and so beautiful to relax in the garden. She did a fantastic job.
The food was all amazing. Not to mention all the decor!
Lily adored her first tea party and was so proud of herself for drinking "milky tea" with a touch of sugar.
As an added bonus we got to go visit Dan's horses, Topper and Nemo. She loves riding ponies but I think it is going to take a while to work up to the big guys.
The neighbors have goats that you can touch right through the fence. Lily is still talking about them and we have to keep telling her, no we are not getting a goat.
It was a wonderful weekend filled with British culture and celebrating. We would have loved to be in England for some of the festivities. Well, we would have loved tickets to the Queens Jubilee concert but that didn't happen. I think we did a pretty good job right here at home.

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