Friday, June 1, 2012


We had a fabulous Friday despite the traffic! We headed to Pasadena's Kidspace museum to meet up with one of our favorite "boy" friends.  It was a beautiful day, even more so after the 300,000 school kids on fields trips left. Note to self, come after 1PM next time like the website suggested!

We hung out in the spiders web.
We made some water gun music on the drums. 
 We explored the grape vine garden.
 We "hung out" with Caeden.
 We practiced our climbing skills.
 We met a tarantula named Rosie.
 We raced bikes. That Caeden is pretty speedy.
 We didn't manage to catch him.
We painted, or at least licked paint brushes.
 We cooled off with ice cream!
 We climbed huge towers with glass steps that you can see me through!
 We didn't listen when Mom said we were too small for things.
Why did we do all this in swim suits you ask? Well, a huge part of the museum is outdoors with water features. In case you didn't know by now, these girls love some water. There are no pictures of the water features because A. Cameras and water don't mix. B. We need all hands free to keep little people from drowning. I promise we did a lot of splashing and wading and generally cooling off. It was a great day and we bought a season pass so brace yourselves for more thrilling posts from this museum. The best part is you get to use your pass for all kinds of other kids museums so we may make it our mission to hit as many as we can in the next year. 

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