Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pinks and Petersen's

We didn't end up doing much for Father's day since Lily was sick and my Pops was in Iowa. We decided to postpone our plans until his return. Last Saturday we loaded up the car and took the "oldies" on a LA outing. They don't leave Simi much these days. Who are we kidding, they didn't leave Simi much when we were kids either. 

Alex has been wanting to try Pink's hot dogs since hearing so much about it and seeing it on the Food network. No, not on our TV, we live cave man style with no cable. We just go to Grandma's and watch her cable for free! We made it just in time before the lines got too long. We had heard they can be sometimes 2 hours long!!
Alex and Mom had the Chicago dog. Verdict: Not authentic. 
 Lily had a classic...plain, with ketchup. Dad had a special called the Jubilee, or Londoner or something like that. It was a chili cheese dog with bacon or something. It was pretty good.
 The trouble with the chicago dog. They put lettuce, not right, they don't put pickle spears, they don't sprinkle with celery salt, and no poppy seed bun. Not authentic indeed!
From there we loaded everyone up and drove a few miles away to the Petersen's car museum. I am not sure where I heard about it but I knew when I read about it my dad and Alex would be all for it. Luckily they have a lot for kids too so everyone had a great time.
Lily and GG enjoyed the Cars exhibit. I think she was a little confused and thought it was cars land at Disneyland. We have been talking about it lately and thought maybe it was a huge trick!
 She and Gemma both wanted to bust open the cases and play with the figurines.
 I think this one would be perfect for us! Who needs a big SUV?
Gemma found some her size!
The whole third floor was a kids area and it was really fun. We went on a Saturday afternoon but had almost the whole place to ourselves.  Practicing for some F1 racing.

 Grandpa and his ladies.

Finally Gemma gets a chance to sit in one of those beauties!
 It was a fun day out and now the oldies want to tag along on our little "staycations" more often!

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