Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Squeaky Clean

We have been doing some "spring cleaning" this summer. Getting us all in to see a new dentist. It was the first visit for Gemma, and the second for Lily. I think Lily couldn't wait to go after I told her they had a treasure chest full of toys you got to choose from at the end. Gemma pretty much just wants to do everything Lily does.
We started out by catching up on some magazines. Bonus of going to the dentist you get to read the magazines in the waiting room. Another bonus of going to mom's dentist is because they are not a specific pediatric dentist they LOVE having kids. They got so much attention from everyone in the office.
 Now it was time to get to work. Penguinity got his teeth cleaned too.
 This was the first time they actually cleaned Lily's teeth with all the dental tools. At her first visit when she was two, they just inspected her teeth and then brushed them. She did great! I think she even liked it all. Let's just say she doesn't take after me. At this age I was pretending to need the bathroom and sneaking out of the dentist office.
 This little peanut? She had a great time too. She sat in the chair. Had her teeth photographed, inspected, and brushed. Let's just say if big sister does it, I can do it too! Oh and prizes and bribery don't hurt.
They did so well we stopped at the store for treats after. Gemma picked out Thomas toothpaste and Lily got her so very desired "design your own toothbrush". Who knew oral hygiene could be so fun?

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  1. The "waiting room" picture doubled us up. But is Gemma's mag upside down? How can that be?

    G & G (England )