Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lily turns FOUR!

Each birthday comes faster than the one before! How can we be at four years already? This year, Lily had birthdays all figured out. She knew what it meant, what to expect and was so excited it was all she could talk about for weeks. On her birthday morning we started out with the usual birthday breakfast. M&M pancakes! 
 Then we got dressed and played while we waited for Goppy to come over. Gemma wants to know when her birthday is?
 GopGop showed up with BALLOONS! Four for a four year old in red, her favorite color.
 She even brought a present. A ballerina dress. It really makes the pirouettes much more effective.
 We headed to the birthday girls first special day event. Build a bear. She has been wanting to go since she saw her friends bears. She even knew she wanted a bunny instead of a bear.  She is in love with Easter and enjoyed the movie Hop the bunny so a bunny was all she wanted. They didn't have the Hop bunny so she settled on the rainbow colored bunny. Of course I tried to talk her into the "real" looking bunny, but nooooo the rainbow colored one is so much better. I can remember  I was the same way as a girl.
 The lady was so sweet and Lily had to take the bunny's heart and rub it all over her body so the bunny would be smart, kind, help with chores, be funny, eat his vegetables etc. Then you kiss the heart and it goes inside the bunny.
 After he is finished you have to give him a bath in the air blower to fluff him up and brush him. Gemma had a great time too. She is at a great age that she can enjoy it all and not expect to take one home for herself so there was no jealousy or tears.
 This is the finished product. Meet Fluffity, the VERY colorful bunny. She needed shoes, clothes, glasses, and hair bows.
 After a nice lunch we couldn't say no to the rides at the mall. I mean, you would think these girls were at Disneyland with all the excitement over a few rides.
 Next it was home to wait for dad to get off work. We had to open a couple of presents to keep entertained. I think Gemma had as much fun on Lily's birthday as Lily did. She got to try on the new Tangled dress. Lily wanted a princess dress to wear to Disneyland later this year.
 Dad gets home from work and helps open another present. We sort of spread it out over the day and played with each one as she opened them. It was a fun way to do it so everything was appreciated and it felt like every minute of the day was special.
 We had Grandpa Lee, GopGop, Uncle E and Auntie Rach over for shepherds pie for dinner. It was Lily's choice for dinner. She is her father's daughter. We even served zucchini from our garden.
Then comes dessert! Lily wanted a penguin cake like one she had seen in a magazine. I was not interested in making a huge crazy penguin cake so we settled on ice cream pie with "snow" (whipped cream) and penguins. She has a artic lego set that worked great. We even made the ice cream from scratch.
 I'm pretty sure her birthday wish had something to do with Rainbow dash, the my little pony.
 Then she finished opening gifts and it was a wild time. So many wonderful new toys and past our bedtime. What a great day! Gemma inherited Lily's tinker bell costume and thought it was the best ever. She loves to do everything Lily does of course.
It was a great birthday! It was so great that Lily woke up at three am, took her flashlight to roam the house and collect her new gifts. She brought them all into bed with her and played until I discovered her at 4 am and made her go back to sleep. Alex got a work call at 4:40am so he and I were awake from then on and Lily slept in until after 10am!

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