Friday, August 17, 2012

Summer fever

Seeing as the Olympics were in London this year, and we have some future Olympians on our hands we had a bit of Olympic fever this summer. We were lucky enough to watch some of the games while on vacation. We also got a package in the mail from Granny England with t-shirts and hair clips and stickers. We are looking good!
 Two future athletes are ready for some action. Lily has been taking swim lessons most of the summer and has made awesome progress. She has graduated up to the dolphins class and can swim independently for a half length of the pool!!
 She can swim underwater holding her breath and go through a hula hoop too!
 She has had a number of teachers but the boys seem to be pretty popular!
Our number one swim fan has to sit on the side and watch until she is 2 1/2. I have a feeling she will advance pretty quickly since she already thinks she can swim and dive. She is a wild one in the pool. No fear. She jumps in and goes all the way under and then kicks and flails like she is really getting somewhere. She can do it over and over. She also has some cubs fever!!
What else have we been up to lately? Well, Alex and I went to the Hollywood Bowl (best venue ever) with some good friends to see Norah Jones. It is such a fun night and we make it a point to go once every summer now. 
 Some girls don't ever get tired of summer. Dresses, shorts, flip flops, and late bed times. Too bad it has to end in just three weeks!
 We have had a heat wave for about the last 10 days! It has been rough without A/C. We spend most of our days out here in the shade since it is cooler outside than in the house!! The play house has been a constant veterinary clinic (much to Winstons dismay) and we do all crafts/ playdoh, etc out at our little table. Lots of water table and baby pool, even Alex and I have resorted to cooling ourselves in the kids pool!
We also celebrated Carol's birthday in July! It was a special celebration since she had quite the health scare this year and it wasn't sure she was even going to make it to another birthday! I think you could say she had a good time!
We all had a good time actually! We decided maybe we should start celebrating Carols half birthdays too!
Key lime cheesecake and a song for the birthday girl!
Here is a little video of Lily swimming at lessons. It gives you an idea how far she is able to swim, and this was from last session so she is even stronger now.

Here is one from our Friday Family Fun nights. We have been spending most Friday evenings at the Peterson Pool! You can see both our fish in action.

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