Saturday, August 18, 2012

Time for a holiday-Portland day 2

Our second full day in Portland was Monday. Joel had some work to do and Aunt Tonya unfortunately had flown down to LA to be with her grandmother so we had the kids to ourselves. We decided to be brave and take them all downtown. Portland has such a cool downtown area and it was a nice day out.

We went to Powell's book store first. It is HUGE! We walked past all the cool sections I could have spent all day perusing, you know cooking, gardening, urban homesteading. Nerdy stuff. Instead it was straight to the kids section of course.  They could have spent all day there too.

Each kid got to choose a book. Lily had to get a chapter book since cousins were getting chapter books. Charlie advised her on the Nancy Clancy series and it was a big hit. She still says the highlight of her vacation was going to the book store and getting her Nancy Clancy book.
While we could have stayed at Powells all day we were HUNGRY. We walked down the street to Deschutes Brewery for lunch. A little local flavor did not disappoint. 

 Then we walked the city some more and spied a man carrying the famous "Voo Doo donut box." The challenge was on, we walked all the way there and the line was 30 minutes long. We waited at the tables while Alex and sleeping GG waited in line.
 The menu is crazy (as are some of the donuts). It was hard to decide. They have ones with rainbow cereal on the top, crushed oreos, and the classic voo doo which looks like a voo doo doll.
 Owen went for the voo doo. A glazed donut shaped like a voo doo doll, chocolate frosting, filled with raspberry jam (the bloooood) and pretzel sticks to jab it with.
 Lily had M&M covered donut, Charlie licked the frosting and M&M's.
 Owen informed us he "usually" gets two donuts so he also devoured the maple bar with bacon on top! It sounds weird but I am sure it tastes good!!!
 It was nice sitting in the shade and people watching too.
 On the way back we found a cool elephant statue that begged to be climbed.
 Owen got it started and Charlie had no trouble either.
 Lily was not so sure so she hung out below.
 We found a playground and ran off the donut high. The kids thought this was the highlight of downtown. They are easily impressed.
The park ranger even came by and gave them tattoos. I think it was a pretty good day for all. Gemma even had a pretty good nap in her stroller. 

 We went home for dinner with Uncle Joel and some time in the jacuzzi!

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