Saturday, August 18, 2012

Time for a holiday-Portland day 3

Our last full day in Portland we went to the children's museum. Aunt Tonya had returned home the evening before so she was able to join in. The museum was great fun and all the kids had a good time. 
There were little rooms made to be different stores or shops. I think Charlie could have spent all day playing in the veterinary clinic. She took the job very seriously. 
There was a room with clay to make into any shape sculpture you want. 
I think Gemma ate more clay than sculpted. Let's hope it was really non toxic. 
 Probably the highlight was the area you could make a craft out of all kinds of recycled materials. All three kids had a great time using their imaginations. Owen made the Portland Timbers stadium, Charlie made a huge castle, and Lily made a house with furniture inside. You even got to take your creation home.
 All this hard work and it was time for lunch and back home to play. It was such nice weather we spent a lot of time in the backyard. Speaking of urban homesteading, guess who got chickens? Look at the coop Joel and Charlie built out of the wood from the old play structure. Wrigley is more interested in the chicken poop than the actual chickens.
 They are so cute and so mellow. Well, unless you are trying to get them back into the coop, then they are pretty clever, sort of.
 Lily spent HOURS playing with her birthday present from cousins. A playmobil swimming pool set. It is pretty awesome really. She likes to set it up like the pictures on the side of the box, placing each guy and accessory just as the picture shows.
 Here are the ladies out for a prance. Alice, Phoebe, and Darlington.
 The "tiny hot pool" was a bunch of fun too.
 Awe super cute little Gemmsy. She was involved in everything whether sister liked it or not.
 I think some serious important conversations were going on here.
We watched some good Olympics, launched a "kid rescue" when Charlie was playing on the neighbors trampoline and Lily thought she was trapped over there. We ended the nights with a gizzum story and two very tired little girls. Best time ever!

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