Saturday, August 18, 2012

Time for a holiday - Portland

It has been over a year since we left Seattle and moved south. Alex has been at his new job for one year and FINALLY is able to take some vacation time. So where do we go? Well, Portland and Seattle of course!! We needed to see our family and friends. Too bad airfare and rental cars were outrageous. So, nothing like doing something we swore we would not do again after last year during the move, we drove up to Portland! It wasn't too bad. No moving truck this time after all! We left after work on a Friday hoping to get as far as we could. These girls started off happy and excited. About four hours into it, and a huge traffic delay they were screaming bloody murder. I lost count on the, "are we there yet's?" We only made it to Modesto!! Day two was looooong, but they did better. 
 They even did this, well for an hour anyway. Lily was complaining she was cold but the blankets were in the way back so she covered her feet with hootsie and fell asleep that way. Yes, Gemma still has her paci and we plan to let her keep it until college.
Destination number one.....COUSINS!!!! 
We arrived in Portland around 6pm on day Saturday. We had a great dinner, played, and generally ran off a days worth of energy. The next morning we all loaded into the ol Mazda and headed to the zoo. I had forgotten how beautiful the Portland zoo was. We don't get much scenery like this in LA. 
Joel got the girls "zoo keys". You wear it around your neck and it "unlocks" information about the animals all around the zoo.
 Very cool idea! It was pretty much more fun running from box to box and jamming the key in than actually listening to the info. I wish our zoo had these though! You can bring them every time and learn something new each time you go.
Four cousins!! No, we didn't get a pic of all four where they are all smiling and looking. That would be a small miracle.
The farm animal area is still a hit. I think these kids want to live on a farm.
 They have some pretty cool souvenir shops too. We don't actually buy them, we just try them all on and take pictures. These would make cool Halloween costumes though.
 We were prepping to watch the bird show.
 Two eagle cousins. So cute together.
We sat and watched the bird show while we ate our picnic lunch. 
 The Lion exhibit has great climbing statues. Pretty much the highlight of the zoo is all the structures you can climb on. I don't think they even really need animals. You could just walk between exhibits, play on the structures and never notice there were no animals in the cages. I guess then you would have a park, not a zoo.
 Cute cousins! We love hanging with you guys.

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