Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Made it

I just couldn't stand it this summer with all the Queens Jubilee and London Olympics excitement! I found the cutest fabric ever on etsy and had to buy some. Of course it was a seller in the UK so I had it sent to Grandma England she mailed it to me. Of course it came in something called fat quarters which I have no idea what that means. I think it is for quilting, or small projects? It was a quarter yard of each fabric. Guess what that means. You can't really make anything big. Ha! 
Good thing I have really small cute people to decorate!
I made these skirts with a free tutorial from the blog MADE. She talks you through the whole thing with pictures of each step so it is pretty easy, yes Hillary and Kristen, you can do these too!! I see Notre Dame and Badgers skirts in your future! Of course Lily wanted two colors. Red is her favorite color, so the top is red crowns, and I wanted to add the blue with double decker buses and Big Ben.
You can't really tell in photos but Lily's is two layers so they ruffle a bit and swing. I made them generous in length so they will last a bit longer.
Gemmas is one fabric with an added strip of red to the bottom to give it a bit of added length. I also added cute ribbon along the bottom seam. They are little queens guards on the front and the back has tea cups! Lily is a bit jealous of the ribbon.
I just love them. It took me several hours to make both since my helpers are not all that helpful. I have to savor being able to dress them in what I like because strong opinions are on the way. Luckily they love the skirts as much as I do! 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Back to school

How do we find ourselves at the beginning of of Lily's last year of preschool? I can't even mention what happens after this year. We are staying in preschool FOREVER. Well, until college that is. Then move out! We were all really excited and ready for preschool to start. Lily RAN into the classroom on the first morning without so much as a glance backward.
 We posed for a few photos at home before leaving. She even let me do her hair nicely that morning without a big fuss.
 Shouting PRESCHOOL! Sure the neighbors loved that one.
 She had a back to school morning earlier in the week. She got to hang out with her friends and teachers for an hour while Gemma and I got the "scoop" about the school year from the director.  I think Gemma would like to join preschool, as long as mom stays too.
 Big girl and little girl, for now anyway.
As back to school gets me in the mood to get organized and make fresh starts I tried to take some greatly overdue photos of the girls. You know, the old dress them up cute and try to make them stand still and smile type of photos. Never much success in the hold still part. 
I did end up with some good ones despite the less than cooperative attitude of "thing 1" and "thing 2."
 What are you doing up there mommy?
 New shoes for back to school.

 Sister LOVE
 Love returned.
 Just let me be free!
Cutest dress ever Charlotte! We will be wearing this one again and again before we grow.

Summers last hurrah

You know how it goes. You look forward to summer and all the fun things you are going to do. Half way through the summer you realize you are hot and a bit bored. Then by the end of summer you feel like you didn't squeeze in enough fun so you run around trying to do everything fun and "summery" one more time.
We are no different. The last week of summer before preschool started up again we made a dash to fit in lots of fun. We finally made a trip to the splash pad that had eluded us all summer. It was pretty fun and a great way to cool off in the afternoon.
 Lily knows what a spash pad is from Seattle but Gemma was too little when we moved to take part.
 Ahhh, cooled off in her new swim suit. She wore out all her summer ones and we replenished the supply for winter swimming lessons.
 Demonstrating how it works for Gemma.
 Oh that water is COLD! Gemma finally gets involved and has a blast. It is smaller than the ones in Seattle, go figure not like it is HOT and sunny here year round. No complaining though, it is close to our home and free.
Then over Labor day weekend we went to Carpinteria to the beach condo for the weekend. We needed to get in some more beach time and wreck (I mean clean) the place before G&G England arrive.

First stop was Island Brewery for refreshments. Ah, this is the good life. Lily and Gemma played with some guys HUGE dog the whole time. Babies and dogs in a brewery.  It was great. We travel around town in style.
We get LOTS of attention with two cute girls in a wagon with one cute dog. I think this might be Winstons favorite place in the whole world. He even found a ball on the beach. Score!
We would wake up early every morning (thanks Gemma) get coffee,  and walk with the dog to the beach for a long walk.
Not many seashells left, only tiny pieces.
Then wagon it back home for supplies and return to the beach without the dog to chill and play.
The girls could spend all day in the waves. They have no fear and want to get tumbled only to get up and do it again.
We do our fair share of sand castles too. We love being so close to the beach because you can go for a few hours, go home to relax, eat, and then return for more after dinner.
This one asks for BEACH almost every day! 

Gummy Money

There have been a lot of BIG changes here in the Davis household. We are all on the count down to the arrival of new baby cousin Wizard (aka Eric and Rach's little one). I guess he needs something to sleep in so Gemma gets to step up in the world to a big girl bed!!! She certainly looks big enough right?
We knew this was coming yet I also wanted to get the old paci fairy to swing by and repossess the stash of paci's. After all, baby Wizzie is going to need paci's too right? It was a tough call as to timing of the two "big moves." One day after too much whining for her "mimi" (as she had named her paci) it was time to go. I went around the house, collected all the paci's and all of a sudden....the paci fairy had come. While we were at swim lessons of course. It was a rough week. I am not going to lie. There were a couple of nights I wanted to just give it back. After a couple of days she stopped asking for it and then we were back to sleeping through the night. It was naps that were a bit trickier. She would only sleep for about 45 minutes. Luckily she is napping better as well and now it is as if the mimi never existed. She does point it out when she sees other kids with them. It is like she is bitter they still get to have one. I hope baby Wizzy keeps close track of his or they might get stolen.

The next hurdle, big girl bed. It came together just about the end of the week we had given up the paci. To be honest we thought this one would be a true nightmare. She knows exactly what a big girl bed is thanks to Lily....a trampoline. She also loves to climb, out that is. We left the crib up and asked her where she wanted to sleep. By the second day, it was the bed. Ok, we will give it a shot. The first night. No problem. Never woke, never got out, never jumped. Just bed time as usual. Naps took a few days to get settled down and sleep the usual 1 1/2-2 hours. So the bed is now in it's new home and we have a BIG GIRL.
It makes a good place to snuggle with sister and read.
While we haven't given up diapers yet, we did give up the changing table. It matches the crib so well and Gemma got a dresser to match her bed.
The big girl needed a few embellishments for her room too. I guess you could say after living in the house almost a year I am finally finding time for some crafty projects.
Oh and as if giving up her mimi and getting a big girl bed weren't enough, she has decided to completely be a big girl and talk, all the time, about everything, and saying everything. She has been talking for a long time of course but now she can say everything! Including her own name. She has been saying GG for a long time. That is all she calls herself. We could beg her to say Gemma and it was always GG. Until this weekend, we ask her to say Gemma and she proudly stays, Gummy.

In case you think the whole transition was a little too easy she did get into some mischief in her room last week. She had gotten a hold of some pennies of Lily's and I took them away as I was changing her diaper before nap. Instead of napping she decided to climb down, stand on top of the diaper pail, climb up to the dresser and take the pennies. She proceeded to scream for me and then of course since pennies go so well in your mouth, she swallowed them both! I found her in her room drooling and pointing to her mouth saying "money." The pediatrician spared us an xray (yes, I did call) and we are on penny watch for the week to make sure they come out. She puts everything in her mouth on purpose and then tells us about it and laughs. Once again, we will be lucky if she makes it to adulthood. Never a dull moment here folks.