Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Back to school

How do we find ourselves at the beginning of of Lily's last year of preschool? I can't even mention what happens after this year. We are staying in preschool FOREVER. Well, until college that is. Then move out! We were all really excited and ready for preschool to start. Lily RAN into the classroom on the first morning without so much as a glance backward.
 We posed for a few photos at home before leaving. She even let me do her hair nicely that morning without a big fuss.
 Shouting PRESCHOOL! Sure the neighbors loved that one.
 She had a back to school morning earlier in the week. She got to hang out with her friends and teachers for an hour while Gemma and I got the "scoop" about the school year from the director.  I think Gemma would like to join preschool, as long as mom stays too.
 Big girl and little girl, for now anyway.
As back to school gets me in the mood to get organized and make fresh starts I tried to take some greatly overdue photos of the girls. You know, the old dress them up cute and try to make them stand still and smile type of photos. Never much success in the hold still part. 
I did end up with some good ones despite the less than cooperative attitude of "thing 1" and "thing 2."
 What are you doing up there mommy?
 New shoes for back to school.

 Sister LOVE
 Love returned.
 Just let me be free!
Cutest dress ever Charlotte! We will be wearing this one again and again before we grow.

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