Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gummy Money

There have been a lot of BIG changes here in the Davis household. We are all on the count down to the arrival of new baby cousin Wizard (aka Eric and Rach's little one). I guess he needs something to sleep in so Gemma gets to step up in the world to a big girl bed!!! She certainly looks big enough right?
We knew this was coming yet I also wanted to get the old paci fairy to swing by and repossess the stash of paci's. After all, baby Wizzie is going to need paci's too right? It was a tough call as to timing of the two "big moves." One day after too much whining for her "mimi" (as she had named her paci) it was time to go. I went around the house, collected all the paci's and all of a sudden....the paci fairy had come. While we were at swim lessons of course. It was a rough week. I am not going to lie. There were a couple of nights I wanted to just give it back. After a couple of days she stopped asking for it and then we were back to sleeping through the night. It was naps that were a bit trickier. She would only sleep for about 45 minutes. Luckily she is napping better as well and now it is as if the mimi never existed. She does point it out when she sees other kids with them. It is like she is bitter they still get to have one. I hope baby Wizzy keeps close track of his or they might get stolen.

The next hurdle, big girl bed. It came together just about the end of the week we had given up the paci. To be honest we thought this one would be a true nightmare. She knows exactly what a big girl bed is thanks to Lily....a trampoline. She also loves to climb, out that is. We left the crib up and asked her where she wanted to sleep. By the second day, it was the bed. Ok, we will give it a shot. The first night. No problem. Never woke, never got out, never jumped. Just bed time as usual. Naps took a few days to get settled down and sleep the usual 1 1/2-2 hours. So the bed is now in it's new home and we have a BIG GIRL.
It makes a good place to snuggle with sister and read.
While we haven't given up diapers yet, we did give up the changing table. It matches the crib so well and Gemma got a dresser to match her bed.
The big girl needed a few embellishments for her room too. I guess you could say after living in the house almost a year I am finally finding time for some crafty projects.
Oh and as if giving up her mimi and getting a big girl bed weren't enough, she has decided to completely be a big girl and talk, all the time, about everything, and saying everything. She has been talking for a long time of course but now she can say everything! Including her own name. She has been saying GG for a long time. That is all she calls herself. We could beg her to say Gemma and it was always GG. Until this weekend, we ask her to say Gemma and she proudly stays, Gummy.

In case you think the whole transition was a little too easy she did get into some mischief in her room last week. She had gotten a hold of some pennies of Lily's and I took them away as I was changing her diaper before nap. Instead of napping she decided to climb down, stand on top of the diaper pail, climb up to the dresser and take the pennies. She proceeded to scream for me and then of course since pennies go so well in your mouth, she swallowed them both! I found her in her room drooling and pointing to her mouth saying "money." The pediatrician spared us an xray (yes, I did call) and we are on penny watch for the week to make sure they come out. She puts everything in her mouth on purpose and then tells us about it and laughs. Once again, we will be lucky if she makes it to adulthood. Never a dull moment here folks. 

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