Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Made it

I just couldn't stand it this summer with all the Queens Jubilee and London Olympics excitement! I found the cutest fabric ever on etsy and had to buy some. Of course it was a seller in the UK so I had it sent to Grandma England she mailed it to me. Of course it came in something called fat quarters which I have no idea what that means. I think it is for quilting, or small projects? It was a quarter yard of each fabric. Guess what that means. You can't really make anything big. Ha! 
Good thing I have really small cute people to decorate!
I made these skirts with a free tutorial from the blog MADE. She talks you through the whole thing with pictures of each step so it is pretty easy, yes Hillary and Kristen, you can do these too!! I see Notre Dame and Badgers skirts in your future! Of course Lily wanted two colors. Red is her favorite color, so the top is red crowns, and I wanted to add the blue with double decker buses and Big Ben.
You can't really tell in photos but Lily's is two layers so they ruffle a bit and swing. I made them generous in length so they will last a bit longer.
Gemmas is one fabric with an added strip of red to the bottom to give it a bit of added length. I also added cute ribbon along the bottom seam. They are little queens guards on the front and the back has tea cups! Lily is a bit jealous of the ribbon.
I just love them. It took me several hours to make both since my helpers are not all that helpful. I have to savor being able to dress them in what I like because strong opinions are on the way. Luckily they love the skirts as much as I do! 


  1. Oh my goodness, so cute!!! I will do my best to impress and get crafty, but no promises. Can't wait to see what Kristen turns out too :)

  2. Love that blog, and the skirts are great! I will have to try it out. Great work!