Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Summers last hurrah

You know how it goes. You look forward to summer and all the fun things you are going to do. Half way through the summer you realize you are hot and a bit bored. Then by the end of summer you feel like you didn't squeeze in enough fun so you run around trying to do everything fun and "summery" one more time.
We are no different. The last week of summer before preschool started up again we made a dash to fit in lots of fun. We finally made a trip to the splash pad that had eluded us all summer. It was pretty fun and a great way to cool off in the afternoon.
 Lily knows what a spash pad is from Seattle but Gemma was too little when we moved to take part.
 Ahhh, cooled off in her new swim suit. She wore out all her summer ones and we replenished the supply for winter swimming lessons.
 Demonstrating how it works for Gemma.
 Oh that water is COLD! Gemma finally gets involved and has a blast. It is smaller than the ones in Seattle, go figure not like it is HOT and sunny here year round. No complaining though, it is close to our home and free.
Then over Labor day weekend we went to Carpinteria to the beach condo for the weekend. We needed to get in some more beach time and wreck (I mean clean) the place before G&G England arrive.

First stop was Island Brewery for refreshments. Ah, this is the good life. Lily and Gemma played with some guys HUGE dog the whole time. Babies and dogs in a brewery.  It was great. We travel around town in style.
We get LOTS of attention with two cute girls in a wagon with one cute dog. I think this might be Winstons favorite place in the whole world. He even found a ball on the beach. Score!
We would wake up early every morning (thanks Gemma) get coffee,  and walk with the dog to the beach for a long walk.
Not many seashells left, only tiny pieces.
Then wagon it back home for supplies and return to the beach without the dog to chill and play.
The girls could spend all day in the waves. They have no fear and want to get tumbled only to get up and do it again.
We do our fair share of sand castles too. We love being so close to the beach because you can go for a few hours, go home to relax, eat, and then return for more after dinner.
This one asks for BEACH almost every day! 

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