Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Birthday Gemma

Two already? I mean really, how did that happen? I think two is such a mile stone from baby to toddler. They go from a cooing, babbling baby to a speaking, thinking, independent being. Gemma is most certainly thinking for herself, speaking for herself, and most days thinks she can run the show for the rest of us! Most people dread the "terrible two's" but Gemma has always had a mind of her own so that's nothing new. We are going to call them the terrific two's!!!

We asked her a couple of weeks ago what kind of birthday party she wanted. She said quite certain,"woof, woof cake." We had our answer then. All she talked about for weeks was the cake. She is still talking about it.
I found a picture on pinterest of a puppy dog cake but the link was old so there were no instructions. They just said they used a heart shaped pan, a round cake cut in two, and then used a fruit leather for the tongue. That is pretty easy right?

 I used cocoa powder to tint the frosting light brown for the face and then added more for the darker ears. I used chocolate chips for the eyes and nose because it tastes a lot better than that black goo frosting.
 We served drinks, and snacks to start. I know this was a two year old's birthday party but we went through 6 bottles of wine. Gemma better not go through that much booze at another birthday party until she is 21!
 Our disneyland balloons are still going strong and Goppy brought her some special birthday ones. Lily was eager to help decorate with streamers and banners.  We had puppy party hats and some of her doggy toys around.
 Carol loves a good party!!
 I think Gemma approved of the snacks and decorations too.
 Granny and Great Gram and all the crew relaxed out in the back. It was a VERY HOT day, I think it was almost 88 in the house! We all managed just fine though.
 Uncle E provided bubble entertainment. He needs to learn to do balloon animals for next year.
 Gemma also got to choose the menu. She wanted her favorite, Noodles. We went with spaghetti bolognese, spinach salad, and french bread.
 It was a hit all around, but the real excitement was yet to come.  The puppy cake!!! I think the birthday girl was pleased! Her expressions were priceless. We had been practicing singing happy birthday and blowing out candles so this girl new exactly what to do.
 The taste test passed inspections. The face was chocolate cake and the ears were yellow cake.
 After cake and ice cream was devoured we moved to the family room for presents!!! Did somebody say presents???
 It was pretty exciting and of course big sis was more than willing to lend a hand.
 Yikes! This is so much fun.
 Surrounded in gifts and bows! The best day of the year.
 Aunt Carol gave Gemma a doll cradle and accessories and it was a big hit. Many a time I have found Gemma sitting in the cradle herself.
 Winsty was not thrilled about being excluded from the gifts. At Christmas he at least gets a bone or a toy!
 These photos were not prompted at all. She was just over the moon excited about each new toy or clothes. It wasn't easy prying her away from it all to head to bed but the excitement was exhausting so out she went.
 The next day was her actual birthday. Lily had preschool which was nice because then Gemma could have some time alone to play with her toys and not have to share. I asked her what she wanted to do after we dropped Lily off and she said, Goldfish crackers. They are not a staple in our house and she loves them so off to the store we went. Two hours alone with all her new toys and a bowl of goldfish. Heaven.
 I did make the obligatory M&M pancakes but we had them for lunch. Oh yes, more M&M's than Gemma has ever had in one sitting. Aren't birthdays grand?
 Lily didn't seem to mind sacrificing the usual lunch for M&M pancakes either.

Mostly for my memory but of course you are welcome to read my rambles:

 Gemma keeps us laughing every day and sometimes all day long. She has a personality all her own and the vocabulary to express it. She is all over and into everything. You would think we are beyond the baby years with these two but I just had to install baby locks on some of our cabinets because I was tired of finding the contents dumped and paint/markers/scissors etc in the hands of Gemma. I can only imagine what the future has in store for us with this one. Our running joke is how long before we are in the ER with her paying that nasty co-pay!!

She is small but mighty. At her 2 year check up she was in the 50% for height but has dropped to the 10% for weight. Guess she should expect more M&M meals in the future. She is a really good eater though and not picky, just busy and on the go. She is still seeing a GI doctor for her tummy troubles. We recently had blood tests done to rule out some illnesses and she sat perfectly still while they poked her twice for blood. I can say I have never ever had a two year old sit still and watch me draw her blood. This girl has a high pain tolerance or something.

The woof woof cake idea was all her own but not a big surprise. She loves Winsty and all dogs. She points them out everywhere we go. She has stolen a stuffed dog of Lily's for her bed and spoiler alert, can you guess what she wants to be for Halloween? Between dogs and trucks we don't get very far on our drives or walks without her shouting out to one or the other. Fridays are trash day here and she NEVER naps on Fridays. She waits up for each of the three trucks that make their rounds in the afternoon and begs to go outside to watch and wave. Speaking of naps, she takes one nap a day for about 1 1/2 hours but has recently gone on strike and thanks to her big girl bed I spend the hour going back to put her back in bed. I fear naps are going to soon be a think of the past and then there is no rest for the weary mom.

She is currently obsessed with her clothing and wants to have a say in what she wears. She brings me clothes from her drawers several times a day and demands I change her. Today it was her swimsuit because Lily goes to swim lessons twice a week. Gemma demanded to wear her suit and then had the melt down to end all melt downs because I made her wear clothes over it to go to the pool. She came home and need to change into yet another swimsuit immediately. Lily still let's me pick out her clothes and really never cares what she wears much. Shoes are a whole other obsession. Currently the leopard print ballet flats shall be worn at all times.

She thinks she wants to watch TV but only ever sits still for about 5 minutes of it. We are making progress with sitting for books and now she will sit still for several or I just keep reading and she comes back after a little wander. She is quickly becoming a great play mate for Lily and is able to keep up with the big 4 year old imagination without "wrecking" it all. Just as Lily was at this age the Thomas toys and legos are popular but she really is happy to play with whatever Lily dictates. She is much more interested in playing cooking in the little kitchen and is always making "chicken", even if she serves you a cookie.

Pretty much you wear us out Gemma, and between you and Lily we collapse each night but we wouldn't have it any other way. Well, most of the time anyway.


  1. that cake is so old school and so rad! you are the best mom

  2. that cake is so old school and so rad.
    you are the best mom

    btw when did posting a comment become so top secret. i have to type in a number and a jacked up looking word and most times i guess the word wrong. jeesh