Thursday, November 1, 2012

Daddy's big day

You know you are getting old when it takes two of us and a calculator to decide how old you are this year. I am pleased to report we finally deduced that Alex turned 37 this year which is FANTASTIC because I was under the impression he was turning 38 (he is a year older so therefore any younger he gets means I get younger too!)

Alex decided for his birthday he wanted to go on a hike, to the hollywood sign. I got him a hike guide for Christmas and this seemed like a fun one to do. We woke Sat AM and packed up our gear and drove to Hollllywooooood as the girls like to call it.

At the parking lot we followed the sign to our hike. You can also rent horses to ride all the Griffith park trails. It looked pretty fun but then of course there are lots of horse poopies on the trail.
 Lily must have thought it was pretty funny to pose with Smokey the bear. We got to the trail head at about 9:30 am and it was already hot! I think it was 75-80 degrees.
 Gemma looks less than thrilled about Daddy's birthday choice.
This is the view from the starting point. Just so you get an idea of the elevation of our hike. The guide book said it was easy to moderate. Perhaps that was because the trail was pretty wide and very well kept. The elevation climb was not exactly moderate.
 This is where you end up! At the top (behind) the Hollywood sign. The views were fantastic.
 Overlooking LA, Westwood, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, all the way to the ocean.

 It had been really windy the day before so the sky was pretty clear and you could see all the way out to the ocean. Daddy and his girls.
 Gemma ended up on my back for most of the hike since Lily ended up on daddy's shoulders. It was too steep for little legs and very hot. They were troopers though and we had snacks at the top. All the other hikers at the top were cheering us on and amazed we made it up with two little kids. Not another kid in sight the whole time.
 On the back side of the hill you had great views of burbank and the movie studios. Lily was on top of the world!
 Did I  mention it was hot? We were worn out by the time we made it back down. We survived with the promise of brunch afterward and a relaxing afternoon at home.
 Alex got his California birthday celebration a few nights later  with a sombrero and a flan at the mexican restaurant. Feliz Cumpleanoz!

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