Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fall for fun!

We have been waiting for Fall. Waiting, and waiting....well we got tired of waiting and decided to just start enjoying fall activities, in the heat. Good thing too, because it looks like Fall is not coming, not at all. So in the spirit of not going the whole way this Fall, I couldn't bring myself to the mess and work of carving a pumpkin. I think when the kids are old enough to safely yield a knife we may revisit the situation. For now, we did stick on felt decorations. On a store bought pumpkin no less.
Ah, no mess, and the kids actually got to help instead of direct.
We had some outdoor fun with pumpkin pie play-doh and cookie cutters.
Gemma was chief director in this situation.
We did cave two days before Halloween and go to the pumpkin patch. Lily had already been with Granny and Grampy and got to do the whole experience so we debated whether we could get away without going. I just couldn't stand to miss out on the cute photo ops. 
Somebody was in serious cheeser mode. She has this hands up to the cheeks sweet heart thing going.
I loved the piles of lumpy, bumpy, odd balls.  We tried to steal this giant tractor, but it didn't move.
Lily had a go in the childrens maze. It was fun and pretty much no chance of getting lost, although they had an emergency exit. 
Lily led the way with confidence.
No trip to a pumpkin patch is complete without a family cut out photo.
Did I mention it was warm and sunny out?
Grandpa checking out his dream rig. I guess the camaro doesn't have enough muscle for him. This one only costs $250K.
The farmer family. You can take the farmer out of Iowa but you can't take the Iowa out of the farmer.
So after the disappointment of the day when we realized the hay wagon ride was not included in the admission fee it was also finished for the day. Wah-wah. Luckily Grandpa offered a free wheel barrow ride which was just as good.
We fed the goats, or llamas, or whatever animal was in that cage. We also took turns going down the super speedy tube slide. It was a blast and best of!
We even made time to bake up some spooky treats for the trick or treat party. I have two little helpers in the kitchen, so I have ten extra little fingers to keep track of. 
Might I dare say the spiders were delicious. Peanut butter cookies with mini peanut butter cups!

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