Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Halloween Party Time

We started out Halloween morning with Lily's preschool halloween parade. She decided to go as Rapunzel since she was not allowed to wear the mask from her other costume to school. I think it was the perfect chance to spend the morning as princesses. Gemma was not to be left out and donned her Snow White costume.
 I even did my best attempt at Rapunzel hair.
 She was so proud to march with her classmates. She actually skipped and hopped most of the way.
 The teachers are so wonderful and all dressed up as well. They led the troops around the parking lot for the crazy parents to take 1000 photos.
 I think after three laps she could have kept going. Princesses never tire of adoration from their subjects.
 Then they all lined up and sang a few halloween songs. Melt my heart. I will spare you the videos but it was just adorable.
 After the parade and songs they proceeded to trick or treat around the school campus and then have a party with all sorts of yummy treats. A pretty good way to start and sweet filled day.

Eeeeek! I should warn you, one look at these photos may leave you very frightened. For the evenings festivities we had one spooky girl and one snuggly girl. 
Gemma is into all things "woof woof" so she chose to be a puppy. Lily decided to go classic spooky halloween as a skeleton.
Showing off her loot after Halloween. I didn't get any good shots that night so bribed them to pose again in daylight.
This puppy enjoyed her treat. She really had a great time with it all and caught on quickly to what it all was about....candy!
Trick! I told her I was going to take all her candy away! Look at that face. I actually did put it up the night after Halloween and they NEVER asked about it again. Ha ha! My plan succeeds two years in a row. When will they catch on?
None for you even though this hound is the scariest of all.
Look at that snuggly little puppy. I think she is my treat for the night.
We were lucky that Eric and Rach were brave enough to host a pot luck party even though little Ben was only three weeks old! He was the football to their Bears team!
After a quick supper (did these kids eat at all?) we headed out to hit the trick or treat route. Eric's neighborhood really goes all out and it is so fun.
One house in particular is out of control, so spooky!
They spend weeks putting it all together. It was even more involved this year.
I loved the line up of jack'o lanterns.
They also had a projector that made these three pumpkins look like they were singing.
We even got into the spirit this year. I was a hillbilly, inspired by some seriously jacked up false teeth. Alex was cowboy Dan, inspired by none other than Steve Martin in parenthood. We even cut our bathroom mat to use as chaps.
Alex's parents came all decked out as well and brought some friends who were visiting from France. They didn't speak a lick of English (when they were sober anyway) but they all had a blast! I missed out on a picture of Grampy as a crocodile hunter. He carried around the three foot long stuffed crocodile!
It was so  much fun and we anticipated it for weeks ahead. It is one of Lily's top two favorite holidays (the other being Easter). We were sort of worried they would change their minds about their costume choice since we bought them in the beginning of October. Au contraire (said the French) they wore them over and over throughout the month and couldn't have had more fun. They are already planning next years costumes.

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  1. okay a few things.

    nice grill Sare.
    headless corpse on coroner table? pretty freaky. and quite disturbing.

    and cutest skeleton and puppy ever.