Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas 2012

I guess we must have made the "nice" list again this year because when we woke up (at 6:30AM) we found Santa had come! We tried to convince the girls to lay in bed for a while but that was not happening. We attacked our stockings first.
The table was all set for breakfast and Santa had only left a few crumbs from the cookies we left. The reindeer enjoyed the carrot as well.
Look at all the presents that filled the tree!
As you can see, it was still dark out and some people were barely awake even though they insisted on getting up!
Santa knew exactly what we wanted. Lily got her dream lite pillow pet penguin.
Gemma got a purple dress that she promptly insisted upon wearing.
After our stockings and Santa gifts we made everyone take a break for breakfast. The hot chocolate is really what lured them to the table.
Complete with whipped cream and chocolate shavings. Finally the sun was beginning to peak out and the photos were looking a bit better.
It is not Christmas without crackers. Grandma Nini and Rach made home made ones for us. We got our crowns, joke, an ornament, and even a dollar!!!
Now back to the real business at hand. All those presents!! As you can see in the background, we had Granny and Grampy England on the TV doing skype so they could spend Christmas with us.
Legos were a huge hit this year. I have really enjoyed all the tiny pieces in my carpet ever since.
While we were on skype the girls got to see their present from Granny and Grampy. It was outside in the backyard.
A trampoline!!! Lily wasted no time getting right in and testing it out. We managed to keep it a secret from the girls and put it on the far end of the backyard on Xmas eve.
Winsty was not to be left out of the festivities. He got a new light up ball and he is in love. He hid out under the tree with it in case we tried to take it back.
You can't open all the gifts and not play with them all straight away.
Lily made us a lovely nativity at school as our present. She was so proud of herself. She almost kept it a secret too. She just told us all the things she was making but not that it was a nativity.
It is a puppet is it a blanket? It's a cuddleuppet!! 
Just to prove I was there on Christmas too! Between Alex and I, we got four cook books! Better get started in the kitchen! 
Gemma got a new Thomas set so we had to get out every Thomas we own and link them all up. There was not one square inch of floor to spare.
It was time to move the trampoline over and get some jumping time in.

We all gave it a try, pretty fun!
We did eventually get dressed and out of the house. We went to Goppy's for Christmas dinner with the whole Peterson family. It was so much fun and the girls were on super overload! We again, didn't manage to take on photo. Between eating, catching up, and playing the white elephant game there wasn't any time. Just trust us, we had a great time. The next few days were spent busy doing more of this. Dog pile with Grandpa Lee on the trampoline!!!
We even got some cute dresses from England Aunt Pam and Uncle Colin!
The week after Christmas has flown buy and we barely left the house. We have just been playing and jumping. What more do you need? 

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