Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Angel

I am sorry but there in NOTHING cuter in the world than a preschool Christmas program. That and it makes me realize (again) I could never be a preschool teacher. This was Lily's first appearance in a program and she did fantastic.
When they first marched in she was in the farthest possible spot from where we sat. She didn't see us and we could barely see her. They sang several songs including the "superman" song. Not very Christmas-y but a kid fave.
Luckily, after the two year old class did a fabulous rendition of jingle bells, the fours class came back in "costume." Our little Angel was right in front of us. She wasn't sad, just caught a funny expression.
Oh and the teachers head.

We didn't get the best photos because we were too busy smiling and watching. The grandpa in front of us was a photographer with a fancy camera so hopefully he will email us some good shots.
Lily was too busy watching herself on the big screen above as well.
After the big show they were treated to a piece of Jesus' birthday cake.
Gemma decided to partake in some too. Frosting only of course.
Here is a little video of one of the songs. They all did a great job and it was so sweet to watch. Next year Lily will be in public kindergarten so hopefully we will be watching Gemma in the preschool show. Good luck with that one!

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