Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve Eve Eve

Instead of stuffing Christmas into one or even two days we decided to spread it out a little and celebrate at Goppy's house before Christmas. This way everyone could take their time, enjoy opening presents from Grandma and Grandpa Lee early. It was quite the loot!
We started with stockings which were full of fun goodies. We could have enjoyed just those for hours.
 Complete with a abominable snow man lollipop!
 Once Ben was full of milk like a jolly ol elf we took some pictures. The theme must have been stripes!
 Impossible to get all three looking, smiling, or even slightly normal looking.
 Let's get to those gifts! Lily was happy to help Benji open his too. We had to play with some of his toys as well. It was a quality control measure to make sure they are safe for him.
 Tag team openeing too.
Uncle E did some gymnastics and almost launched Gemma out of the room. Rach was spotter and caught her.
  Then we opened up all the toys and played with everything! We had a close call with some batteries but grandpa Lee came through. Even Carol had a great time and got quite the haul!
 I can't even imagine we have more presents to open. Let's hope Santa doesn't bring too much this year!

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