Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Santa Success

I was pretty certain we were not going to get Gemma on Santa's lap this year, and certainly not smiling. She has an aversion to new people, strangers, and generally everyone not in her immediate family/friends life.

I guess we built up the visit to Santa enough and Lily talks about him every waking minute so he must be family by now. She was not interested in looking at him. At all. She did however sit on his lap, accept candy, and smile. Win!
He was truly awesome and spent about 10 minutes talking to the girls (Lily), opened her letter, read her list and discussed her requests with her. Her list includes: A penguin pillow pet dream lite, a TV for her room, cable TV, beads for crafting, dresses and dolls for Gemma, and money. Yikes! That is a steep order. Gemma's wish list, which she would not discuss with Santa, includes a purple dress and bandaids. 

We had quite the Santa party as Rach and Benji came to see Santa as well, and Goppy and Daddy came to watch. 
We all had lunch and special treats after!

The dresses are already in the wash to get the chocolate out for Christmas eve! 

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