Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tooth Fairy

You know, being the second child you get really tired of hitting all the mile stones in second place. Sometimes you just have to take fate into your own hands and make things happen. I guess Gemma was in a big hurry to be first at something. Enter, the tooth fairy. Last Friday evening we were all just so excited that Grandma Nini and Grandpa Dan (Rach's parents) were coming over to babysit. Once they arrived the girls proceeded to go hyper which included Gemma climbing onto Lily's bed and bouncing around. Unfortunately as she was bouncing on all fours she launched forward instead of up and hit her mouth on the foot board. It was a direct hit and with much bleeding and tears the front tooth was knocked out. 
 She was obviously not too traumatized as 15 minutes later she was eating spaghetti and doing crafts. Yes, we made it to dinner and a movie as well. We just have 4+ years of goofy pictures ahead of us!
Little did Granny England know when she brought the girls little tooth fairy boxes from France that we would be using them so soon. Since Gemma has no concept of money (other than as a food substance) the tooth fairy brought her a talking Thomas caboose instead of cash. She may have had to borrow it from Santa for the occasion.
We are just thankful the injury did not involve a trip to the emergency room. We all know that one is inevitable with Gemma but let's hope perhaps we can beat fate out of that experience.

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  1. oh my goodness! I can't beliive she knocked it right out! She's seems pretty happy about it though!