Sunday, December 9, 2012

Winter Disney

When we took the girls to Disneyland in September for the first time we ended up buying season passes. We knew we were going back to meet friends there in the new year, and this is the last year Lily will be in preschool so we can go midweek. Gemma is also free this year so we decided to splurge. 

We wanted to return when it was all decked out for Christmas and see the Holiday parade. So Alex took a day off work last week and we surprised the girls with a trip to Disneyland! When they woke up that morning we asked them if they would like to go to Disneyland. They even got new shirts to wear. It was actually perfect weather to wear short sleeves!

This trip the girls were really interested in meeting some of the characters. We lucked out and happened upon some of the princesses before there was a line. 
Snow white was up first and the evil queen. Whatever you do, DO NOT call her Maleficent, who is the evil queen in sleeping beauty. It was so funny. She was quite the "character" and I was afraid she was going to cast an evil spell on me. 
Next up was cinderella. Gemma was not so sure about meeting the princesses but did ok. Lily was thrilled but struggled to find something to say to them. For a girl who does not stop talking she sure clammed up.
They were so sweet and kind and each called her princess Lily.
I guess sleeping beauty made quite the impression because she is now the "favorite" princess.
Gemma is not so sure though.
After running into the princesses we found sleepy hollow where Tinker bell lives. We had to stop to say hello because she is Lily's favorite.
Once we arrived we were shrunk to Pixie size. All the plants were so large and we were so small!
First we had some serious conversation with Periwinkle. She is Tinker bell's sister from the newest movie.
We were a little awe struck in meeting her.
Tinker bell was really impressed with Lily's Tinker bell shirt. They were kindred spirits.
I think we would have liked a pair of wings ourself but it was really great to finally meet Tink in person.
We made our way to our first ride. It's a small world. Not sure how we missed it last time but it was so cool. It was all decked out for the holidays and played a medley of "It's a small world" and Jingle Bells.
The lights were amazing. I can't imagine how long it takes them to decorate!
Right outside small world we spotted Merida from Brave. We had to get a photo with her. Gemma headed off to ride Dumbo with dad, since it is her favorite.
Then we all took a spin on the tea cups. My all time fave.
We did go pretty fast this time. There were no lines for the rides so even though it was more crowded than September it wasn't too bad.
Next we headed to frontier land to see "Bear Pooh" as Gemma calls him. Dad went on the big thunder mountain railroad. Even though GG loves Pooh and Tigger she wouldn't pose with them. She did give Tigger a high five. He was so funny! I don't think this is going to bode well for Santa this year. I anticipate some tears and tantrums.
Lily had no trouble giving Pooh some love.
We made it on a few more rides and them parked ourselves on main street for the Holiday parade. It was so festive.
Mickey and Minnie were ice skating.
Most of the characters were there, and the iconic Christmas characters, snow men, gingerbread men, and reindeer.
It finished with Santa himself.  We made our way back to Fantasyland to ride some more before our evening event.
We managed to score tickets to the candle light processional show for the evening. It was really cool and hundreds of people from local choirs participate. They sing all the classic Christmas carols while a star narrates the Christmas story.
We were supposed to have Kurt Russel but somehow it ended up being Edward James Almos. All I could think of was Dexter and his most recent role on the show as a serial killer. Yikes!
Both girls fell asleep during the concert and Lily wanted to know where the characters were. We would have liked to stay for the fireworks but we were travelling with two pooped kids. Gosh! They sure do know how to cramp our style! I guess we will have to go back soon. We are eager to visit California Adventure land again.

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