Friday, January 18, 2013

we did it again

January tends to be a slow month in the life of a blog. All the fun of the holidays is over and not a whole lot happens. In an attempt to spice it up and show you what we have been occupying ourselves with (besides playing with all our new toys and the trampoline, that is) here are some pictures from a trip to California Adventure land yesterday. I know, we went again! Trying to get the most out of those season passes before the whole summer is blocked out. We were doing some recon work for our friends coming down in a couple weeks too. Checking out the crowd levels and such. You know, selfless as always.

I braved it by myself with the girls this time. We wanted to go midweek and avoid crowds. It was hard work with two little ones on my own but worth it. The crowds were pretty light and I did some internet research ahead of time for some tips on parking and tram with stroller etc. It was pretty easy. Pushing this massive stroller with 65 lbs of kid was a lot of work! Lily was my navigator for the day. She loves a good map.

We arrived at California Adventure before it was even open so we walked down Buena Vista Street and ran into Goofy. 
 Gemma is starting to warm up to the characters now. She likes the princesses but the big animal guys are a little different.
Once the gates opened we headed to Toy Story Mania since we never had time to ride it before. It tends to have long lines but we got right on. It is a 3-D ride where you shoot balls like a carnival game. 
 Then we went on the giant Mickey ferris wheel. We opted for the non-swingin car. It was a fun slow rotation around the wheel.
 Some nice views of the park and even the mountains far away.
  The cars next to us were swinging away. I am pretty sure the kid on the ride was not enjoying it and when we reached the bottom they begged to get out! We decided to exit as well since we had enough of the views.
 We always love the carousel.
 We spotted Donald on our way to the rides and Lily needed to go back and see him. She is all about the characters so we got an autograph book and she was on a mission to get all the characters for her book.
 We ran into Minnie as well and she is a huge favorite!!! Gemma had no problem giving her a big hug.
 That's a good one for the book! Too bad her Minnie shirts were in the wash, she wears them every week.
 We missed all the shows on our last trip and we knew the girls would love the Disney Jr show. It was really good, with all the favorite characters. The best was all the things that would sprinkle down from the ceiling, bubbles, confetti, and streamers. I liked the 20 minutes rest where I could sit down. It was really warm out, 75 in January, so the AC was nice too!!
After the show we ran into Handy Manny. We haven't seen his show on TV but he was really friendly.
Pluto was around too. They have quite the job to sign the autograph book!
 Lily could have just done this all day, she loves it even more than the rides. The characters were everywhere and had almost no lines. Gemma will take the Ariel ride any time. We rode that three times.
Over in bugs land we rode all the rides. We did the chew chew train twice. You ride in a caterpillar train and as you go these giant foods really smell. You can smell watermelon and animal crackers, then the caterpillar burps really loud. Lily's favorite part! 
We also saw Flik from A Bugs Life. Lily has only seen it once with her BFF Kat. She remembered Flik though. Gemma was NOT about to go up to a life size bug. 
We wanted to check out the Redwood Creek Explorer Trail. It is a huge nature play area. How these kids have the energy to play on rope bridges and climbing structures I don't know? Oh yes I do, they are riding in the stroller while I push them around! It was a little challenging for the girls but they didn't let that stop them. You get a map and try to earn badges. Lily loved that.
We decided to head over to Disneyland for a little bit since we rode everything that Gemma was big enough to do. We ran into Mickey on our way out. 
Over in Disneyland we ran into a bit more crowds but still no lines. We rode our fave pirates of the caribbean. Then we headed to Fantasyland and for once there was only a tiny wait for Rapunzel. She always has a huge line to meet her so this time we could not pass it up.
 She was very sweet and beautiful, Gemma was giving her a "hey, hands off lady," look. We even got to meet Prince Flynn on the way out. Yowzers he was a handsome guy!
 A few rides later and this mom was tired! We decided to head home around 4PM, despite the rush hour traffic. At least both girls took a nap on the way home. Wish I could have done the same. At least next time we go Daddy will be coming to do some of the stroller pushing with me!

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