Monday, February 18, 2013

All you need is love

 We started off valentine's day with a bang...Gemma woke us screaming at 4:30am and refused to fall back asleep. I guess she was so excited to love us she wanted an early start. I think my love doesn't get warmed up until about 6:30. We made our way to eat breakfast as the sun was peaking out. At least the view was pretty. I had decorated our valentine table the night before and someone sneaky left me red roses in the night!
The girls got a sweet surprise! Matching pajamas for them and their American girls.
This little sweetie slept until 7:30. After breakfast we all got dressed to go to the library for a special musical story time.
The story time was really cute, and crowded! I guess everyone had the same idea we did. It was cute to see all the kids dressed in pink and red. Gemma sat mesmerized with her big sister. I think someone is ready for preschool in the Fall!
After the library we met Goppy for lunch and she had some great books for the girls! So much love. We spent all afternoon playing and then dad came home for swimming lessons. While they were at the pool I made a special dinner and dessert! Roast chicken, potatoes, and veggies was nothing compared to the dessert.
Red velvet crepes with whipped cream cheese filling and chocolate drizzle. I even made the powdered sugar with heart shapes.
I think I am the only one who appreciated the presentation. No one else paused long enough to notice.

Then off to a quick bath before getting everyone in their matching PJ's. They have worn them pretty much every night since. Gemma thinks it is pretty sweet to wear a "dress" to bed.
The joy didn't end that day folks! The very next day while Lily was at preschool we got a Ding Dong Ditch!!! This is our new favorite experience! Grandma Nini has been leaving little treats or crafting supplies on our doorstep and then texting or ringing the bell to let us know there is a surprise. Lily is obsessed with the idea. It won't be long before we are doing some ding dong ditching of our own!
 The valentine surprise included a valentine pouch with pencils, paper, bracelets, rubber ducky, valentines, chocolates, and an American girl hair care kit!
What a hit! We spent the rest of the day playing with all the treats and we ALL played beauty shop for days and days after. Alex has become quite proficient in the application of doll curlers and hair bands. It is good training for him since he cannot do the girls hair to save his life. 

 We all felt so loved on Valentine's day. Lily is still asking to make more valentine cards. We told her that the holiday was over and so now she wants to move on to St Patty's day. Guess we are going "green" around here shortly.

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