Tuesday, February 12, 2013

American girls

Well, half American girls at least! 

For Christmas, Grandma Nini gave the girls a special package. It included a trip to the American girl store in LosAngeles for afternoon tea, and their very own American girl doll! I am not sure who was more excited for our outing, the girls, or all us adults.
This is what the store looks like at the Grove. It is two stories and you could spend all afternoon here, and we did! Our party included Lily and Gemma, myself, Rach and Stephanie, Grandma Nini and Goppy.

The girls did a ton of research about their doll and had picked out their favorite from the catalog. Lily had strong opinions about her doll but Gemma was a little more impressionable so we tried to steer her towards the doll of the year, Saige.
Once the dolls were paid for we had them taken out of the box and got to finally hold them and start to play.
 I think this is one happy girl! The doll is almost as big as she is.
 Stephanie took Lily around the store and showed her all the historical dolls and all the awesome accessories on display.
 Lily gets to meet her doll for the first time. She picked a doll that does not have a name and story so you get to name it yourself. She named her Mary, short for Merida. As you can see she is still very smitten with the Disney  movie Brave. She insisted on a doll with long red curly hair like Merida. I have to say, the doll is seriously adorable. Even if you can't brush her curly hair or you will ruin it.
Two happy half-American girls.
 While we waited for our appointment at afternoon tea, we all got to peruse all the accessories and outfits. Every girl in the store it seems is carrying a doll or trying on new things for their doll. It is impossible not to get caught up.
 Saige is the girl of the year so she is on spotlight. They had this cute hot air balloon display to pose with.
 Gemma loves her Saige. She also loves to close her eyes to pose for cheese these days.
 Lily had so much fun playing with Stephanie while we waited patiently for our tea time.
The tea room is really amazing. It is like a movie set of what a girls dream of.

 Look at those high platters filled with finger sandwiches, jello, fruit, muffins, etc.
 Mary gor her own little chair to sit next to Lily and even her own tiny tea cup and saucer. Of course Lily and Gemma had to drink out of the tiny tea cup.
 Dessert was chocolate mousse, fruit tart, and a chocolate covered strawberry.

Lily is already making collages from the catalog of all the accessories for her wish list. She changes Mary into her pajamas every night and sleeps with her. We even played beauty parlor and did some fancy hair.
We are certainly American girl fans for life now. Thank you so much Grandma Nini for such a wonderful afternoon filled with memories, and many years of playing with our dolls.

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