Sunday, February 3, 2013

Getting our craft on

Lily could do crafts all day, every day. Gemma likes to do what Lily is doing. For about three minutes anyway.  Lily has been all about Valentines lately. She takes her holidays very seriously. It was finally time to dig in and make some valentines. 
I think she was really more interested in making the "goody bags" so people could put goodies in it for her. She made one valentine for herself for every one she made for someone else. 
We also undertook the big project of making brownie pops. We got a kit at Christmas time and decided to make some today. That is what you do on super bowl Sunday when you don't care about football. 
They got the Gemma seal of approval.
I made the brownie's with the bouchon recipe so they were heavenly. The toppings well....they just were over the top really.
What does a dad do while the ladies craft? He was busy fixing things around the house. Patching the sprinkler pipe that I accidentally busted last week planting vegetables. Building shelves in our hall closet that was a huge waste of space and building another shelf up in our pantry! 
This is the new time out closet. Just kidding, don't call CPS on me. 

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