Sunday, February 3, 2013

It's time to garden

I am sure the state of our garden is not "hot" news around the web but we realized the only record of our garden success and failures last year was on the blog. Therefore we will continue to document our garden project and you can all watch our progress, again. 
This year we started earlier since we felt like we ended up with a late start last year. Between the snails and slow start we didn't get as much from our garden as we hoped so this time we are starting with plants from the nursery, in January. Risky, I know. 

 Each morning we look outside and cross fingers. We are also hoping this will give our plants a head start against those pesky snails!! Last year they ate all our seedlings down to nothing! We are starting with broccoli, cauliflower, beets, carrots, brussels sprouts, and sugar snap peas. We did some tomatoes in containers as well.
 My trusty marker maker. She loves to write so we gave her the job of making all the plant and seed markers. We would write one and she would copy the rest we needed. We may have some markers called "baats" instead of beets.
 We also planted seed starters for our summer veggies. We are hoping to get our spring crops harvested in time to plant these for summer. Some of them are going in the ground around the yard too. I also planted two blueberry bushes and some artichoke plants in the yard. Ideally you could walk around our yard and collect a whole meal! These were planted 1/27 when we planted the rest of the garden.
Here they are one week later! Such satisfaction. You would think I have a green thumb or something.
In case you think it is all work and no play around here. We did go to the Carpinteria for the weekend in January.
 Eat your heart out everyone! It was amazing that weekend.
 This is Winsty's happy place. He was helping to dig the moat.
 Collecting tons of shells and rocks for a special project.
We also spend a fair bit of time doing this. Mind you, my kids were in short sleeves and no shoes and the rest of the kids were in winter coats. It was 66 and sunny out. Gemma would be in "kirts" (skirts) every day if I let her. She was in her Thomas shirt and yes, I got asked how old "he" was. I am not sure if the lady was more surprised that "he" was a "she" or that she is almost 2 1/2. The mullet is not doing her any favors, or wearing Thomas shirts. 
Gemma and I also had an ice cream date while Lily and Dad were at preschool's "dad's night." So many little things you don't get to do with the second child. She had cake with sprinkles flavor, of course.
Speaking of Gemma, she has been a real challenge in the bed time department. She bangs on her door for about an hour every night and then she wakes up several times a night to bang on her door to "say hi to mommy." Good thing we love her a whole bunch because that is getting really old!!!!  We have since moved her into the pack and play in her room for naps and bed time. Ahhh bliss...she is sleeping through the night and goes to bed without a fight. I know it won't be long before she starts to climb out but I don't care if she stays in the pack and play until kindergarten at this point. 

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