Thursday, February 28, 2013

One month

It has been one month since we planted these babies. My how they have grown. 
 I do not claim to have a green thumb but we give it our all. We have been pretty diligent about trying to keep out the snails. I think the big surge is going to come closer to easter so these might all be chewed to nubs.
Oh, and our seeds. They have turned into this! We had to transplant everything into solo cups int he last few weeks. The sunflowers and pole beans are huge. Hopefully we will be able to put them out in the yard soon. I can't wait to take pictures of the girls with the sunflowers as they grow. They are giant ones! 
Last weekend we took a trip out to ventura to this antique shop to get this little baby. I had seen something like it on pinterest and thought it would be so fun. It is an antique wash basin and stand.
Sorry for the shady picture. It is filled with basil, oregano, cilantro, two kinds of parsley and dill. Hopefully it will thrive and fill in a bit. 
 What else have we been up to this month? Well, someone is ready for summer. She would live in a swimsuit if she could. Luckily she is a slow grower and fits all her suits from last summer! Oh and the new fashion, suits and boots!
 In the spirit of summer we went to the beach last weekend. It was on our trip to Ventura to get the wash basin. We picnicked on the beach first.
 Then we rode bikes along the beach as far as our little legs would take us. Heaven!
 This little one got a free ride. She would have loved to ride a bike herself but it would have taken a month to get a mile.
 Hello beautiful day at the beach!!

This beach also has a play ground in the sand. Pretty much Lily and Gemma's two favorite things in one place.
 What else have we been up to? The Zoo! We have a teaching zoo at the junior college by our house. We got a year pass for a steal (whole family for $10!!) and we have gone two weekends in a row. It is perfect for an hour and a half and close to home. You can usually pet an animal with one of the students. This was a king snake.
 They have primates towards the back of the zoo. There are students out doing observations and interactions. My little monkeys need a cage too!! They are super loud and get freaked out of you stand too close to their cage. It is really funny and we could watch them for hours.

 They have a show twice a day where you learn about several animals and sometimes even get to hold one. These were giant cockroaches. Yuck!
 Last week was a beaver! Did you know they are in the rodent family because their teeth continually grow?
In other news our piggies continue to grow and grow while the top portion, not so much.
We love to do crafting and made some noodle necklace kits for our friends. Sometimes we even get to make messes on the cloth on the floor. 
Someone is desperate to learn to read and write. We need a magic spell to speed up the process. 

I am pretty sure next month will be more of the same. These girls keep asking when the aligator pool can come out. Oh, and then snake season will be upon us. 

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