Sunday, February 3, 2013

Our Endeavor

In an effort to make the most of living in LA and get a little bit of culture in ourselves and our kids we headed out to the California Science center yesterday. We have been wanting to see the endeavor shuttle since we found out it was going to find it's home here in LA. 
We got there around museum opening time and got right in. I guess that is one perk of having a child that wakes at 6am every morning. You never wait around to start your day.
Lily had told us a while back she wanted to be an astronaut when she grows up so she was pretty excited to see the shuttle.  Gemma was just happy to be out and about and run around. She doesn't stop moving for very long.
Lily said her favorite thing about the day was taking pictures. She uses an old iphone and takes some really interesting photos. I keep meaning to do a feature post of her "work".
Grandpa Lee came with us to see the shuttle. He and Lily took in all that the exhibit had to offer. There was a lot to learn on the video clips and signs.
There are plans to eventually put the shuttle upright and attach the boosters. They will also then have a three level viewing platform and open the hatch so you can see inside. We will have to come back when it is finished.
We didn't come all this way and not take in all that the museum had to offer. We paid good money...oh wait the museum is free, but still. They had several different areas for little kids. The splash table.
The craft area where Lily and Grandpa Lee made bats.
There was a place to pretend you are on TV station. That was a big hit. Lily, Gemma and Grandpa were doing the weather.
We saw every corner of that museum and wore everyone out. It was definitely worth it to see the shuttle and now we are really glad that LA won the bid over Seattle.

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