Thursday, February 7, 2013

Reunited, and it feels so good!

The whole purpose of buying our passes to Disney this year was because we knew our BFF's from Seattle were planning a trip down and we wanted to meet up with them. This past Tuesday was the big day. They were in Disney for three days so we all played hookey from work and swimming and met them for a day.

To say these girls were happy to see each other is an understatement! The hugs, squeels, and joy lasted all day long.  Gemma and Natalie were both big enough to interact as well. 
 We met up in the line to see Merida. She is a favorite of Kat and Lily's right now. All we hear about is Merida. Kat dressed as Merida for halloween. Kat was not shy at all, for some reason Lily clammed up and wouldn't talk to her or let her sign her book!
 Gemma likes to play it shy and would not even look at Merida. She wasn't getting away with it this time.
With a little prodding she was soon hugging Merida.

 And posing for adorable pictures. Merida has a soft spot in her heart for red heads. She told Gemma, "you look like I did when I was little."
 This is the look I got when Lily gave Merida the cold shoulder. She was not amused.
 The whole Brady family posed for a photo. Don't feel sorry for David in there. He wanted some pics with Merida for himself! We sort of "cut" in line with the Brady's so we just gave them our kids like they were one big happy family.

The joy continues. They walked hand in hand the whole day. Luckily Lily wore her purple Huskies fleece to fit in.
 We didn't have to wait very long for any rides. We found some we could all go on together.
 I got to hang with these adorable girls while everyone went on star tours. I took them on the old time fire truck down main street. They got honorary fireman stickers.
 We saw Mickey and Minnie down there and then caught the horse drawn cart back.
 By then the big kids were done and we hung out at Cinderella's castle. It worked out really well to have so many adults because we could take turns going on the big rides like Indiana Jones and Matterhorn while the others stayed with the little ones. We also took advantage of the single rider line so we only ever waited about 15 minutes for any ride.
 The tea cups ride was closed but these girls didn't mind. They thought sitting in this tea cup was the best thing ever and kept asking to go back again and again.
 We made it over to California adventure for the pixar parade and some dinner.
 It was a really cute parade. We hopped on a bunch of rides over there with no lines. By then it was closing time and we were all pooped.
Everyone had an awesome time and did really well. Lily was not ready to leave and say good bye. There were many tears shed on the way out and she was not able to even look at Kat to say good bye. It was too sad and she was not ready to see her best friend go. It is going to be a long 5 months until we see them again.

Just so you don't think it was all joy and roses, Gemma saved her melt down for the car. She was not impressed with the pajamas I brought for her to wear on the ride home. She got so mad she screamed until she threw up all over them. That is one way to get me to change her. She did not like the spare outfit either and screamed for 15 more minutes. She finally calmed down when I gave her the camera to look at the pictures from the day. Amen for the slide show mode on the camera that plays cheesy elevator music. Put her right to sleep.

We can't wait for summer when the Brady's and Brooks family take a road trip down to see us again! 

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