Thursday, March 14, 2013

Flat Charlie

A couple of weeks ago Lily got a letter in the mail. Getting mail is one of her favorite things ever. This letter was from cousin Charlie and included a special task. It contained a flat "mini-me" called Charlie. The letter asked Lily to take flat Charlie somewhere fun and then write a letter back explaining all the fun things they had done.
 Lily was so excited to get started. Making cards is one of her other loves in life.
We thought and thought about where to take mini Charlie. We had just been to the beach that weekend so poor mini Charlie missed out on that one. We decided since all kids like Disneyland, even mini ones, we should take her there. It just so happens that Auntie Rach and Benji wanted to come along too! 
We could barely wait to get inside the park and show mini around.
We took her straight to Fantasyland to see if she was strong enough to remove the sword from the stone. No such luck.
  We took her on the dumbo ride because that is Gemma's favorite.
 Rach, Ben and Gemma had a fun ride too.
 We ran into Jessie from Toy Story and she like mini Charlie too.
 I think Ben had a good time meeting the characters too.
 Tigger is such a hoot, even if he did hold mini Charlie by her head!
 Winnie the pooh was a gentle soul and Lily made sure mini was safe.
 Ben had just woken up from a snuggle nap, imagine his surprise to wake up to these giant guys!
 We rode the ship around Tom Sawyer island. I don't think I have ever done that in all the my trips to Disneyland. It was pretty fun.
 We took mini to tomorrowland.
 It wouldn't be a trip to Disneyland without a ride on the tea cups. The girls even wore some princess and fairy dresses this time. It was fun because all the employees (cast members) called them Rapunzel and Tinker bell.

 Everyone got to ride the carousel. I think this was Ben's fave. He does have some horse riding blood in him you know.
Once we were home (and recovered) we wrote a letter back to Charlie. We enclosed some pitcures of mini on her adventures and Lily drew a picture of herself with mini and Tigger and Pooh.
We were so excited to take mini on an adventure and some day when Lily has a mini me in school she can send it to Oregon and see what adventures they have up their sleeve!

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