Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Not Irish

I'm sure by now it's pretty clear we are not Irish. Like not even 1%. That doesn't stop us from celebrating St Patty's day though. I think we need to start celebrating Bastille day too since we have more French ties than Irish or Mexican even though we celebrate cinco de Mayo.
Our St Patty's fun started with a ding dong ditch! The girls have been receiving little surprises at the front door every so often for a while now. They have learned that when the door bell rings around breakfast time you better go run and see what treats Gradma Nini has left on the door step!
This loot contained decorations, crafting supplies and even some patterns for American Girl doll clothes! We wasted no time getting started.
We decorated the house, and crafted some cards all while wearing our shamrock head gear!
The finished product was pretty great. We googled some Irish sayings to put on them like, "there are only two types of people in the world, those that are Irish, and those that wish they were Irish." Ha!
Since St Patty's fell on a Sunday this year, preschool decided to have a party on the Friday before. Lily was sure to wear a little green so she wouldn't get pinched. She looks pretty pinch proof to me. The naughty leprechauns wreaked havoc on her school. They left all the toys around, hung green streamers, peed green in the potty and left gold coins in the sand outside. Lily got to stay for lunch and enjoy green foods with her friends. What a treat!
 While she was at school, Gemma and I made an Irish soda bread. It was divine! Like a giant raisin scone, only better. Leave it to the barefoot contessa to get it right. Not sure she is Irish either. We all had it for breakfast all weekend and were sad to see it gone.
 After everyone was home from school and work we hopped in the car with Auntie Boo along and headed to Carp for the weekend. We wasted no time when we got there. We loaded our leprechauns in the wagon and headed for island brewery.
 It was PACKED! Guess everyone else had the same great idea. Even though we brought snacks the girls were not interested in hanging around a bar. They wanted to get back to the condo to play the new board game Boo brought them.
 Saturday was spent walking the beach and playing back at the condo. We all got some much needed R&R. Sunday morning we woke up and put on our green! No pinches for us either. Our early riser got the best seat in the house and the green cup too!
 Lily had whacky green hair! We went for a walk on the bluffs to see the sea lions and Lily insisted on bringing her pet Tiger on the walk. It was a pretty crowded day and this caused quite a stir among the other hikers. Lily assured them he was well behaved and didn't bite.
Not sure why Lily was making zombie eyes. Must be green overload. Several people asked if Gemma was Irish, guess she has the look.
We managed to set the timer and get one group shot. I was wearing green under my sweater so don't think I was the odd ball out! We finished the weekend with a good old corned beef and cabbage in the crock pot before packing up and heading back home. 

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