Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ben's big weekend

The festivities of the weekend started Friday night with dinner out in celebration of Grandpa Lee's 70th birthday!! You read that right, 7-0! The girls and I made him his favorite cake in the whole world, pineapple upside down cake. The best part of this cake is he doesn't have to share much since the kiddies turn their nose up at it. 

Joel and Charlie were flying down from Portland for Ben's big baptism weekend and we all made the most of their visit and hung out all weekend long. On Friday night Lily insisted in sleeping over and Grandma's in anticipation of their arrival, even though they would not get in until well after she was asleep. On Saturday morning the girls went to crafts with Goppy at the senior center. Lily gets to go once a month and was so happy to have Charlie join them. When they were finished with that (and breakfast of champions at Coco's) we all went to a food truck festival at the park. While us grown ups ate food the kiddies went on every bouncy contraption known to man. Charlie braved the inflatable rock wall! Lily was in tears of course because everything Charlie did, she had to do. There was no way she was getting up this rock wall.
 After they bounced their hearts out at the park we had to come back to our house to bounce some more. We even busted out the sprinkler for some water bouncing. It was awesome. The girls were crazy.
 Gemma jumped so hard she lost her board shorts!
 We were all cold just watching them so we made the girls dry off and keep their feet on the ground. Mostly. Charlie and Alex kept moving.
 Grandpa Lee had found a treasure at an estate sale, a "vintage" easy bake oven! He even scraped together some pans and trudged to toys r us for the baking mix. Lily and Gemma were all over it!
They opted for the "chocolate whoopie pies" which ended up being chocolate strawberry cake with white icing on top. Not sure it would win any baking competition but they ate every last drop.
The real big event happened Sunday morning at Acension Lutheran Thousand Oaks. It was so neat to watch Ben have his baptism at the same place Lily and Gemma had theirs. Godmother Stephanie did an awesome job holding "big boy."
 He smiled and enjoyed every last minute of it. Not a peep out of him.
 He had quite the audience, this is just a small portion of his cheering section.
 Then on to Uncle E and Auntie Rach's for a party! Ben got some play time with his BFF's. He is the youngest and biggest of the crowd.
 Everyone watches Auntie Rach open the cards and gifts.
Charlie entertains us with some silly stache business.
We closed down the party and headed back to our house for some after party action. It mostly consisted of the trampoline show and pizza. By the end of the weekend Charlie had managed to perfect her flip and landing. Nobody was ready for the fun to be over. It did take Lily a couple of days to recover from the fun. She has not mastered sleep-overs and too much excitement. She had many a melt down and the epic one when Charlie had to leave.  Charlie was awesome and allowed Lily to be her little chatter bug shadow all weekend long. We just love our cousins so much!

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