Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter 2013

Holidays are a pretty big deal around here, in case you couldn't tell? The girls are at an age where they really "get it" now and look forward to all the traditions. We did our egg coloring the weekend before Easter. Lily was all over it and Gemma sat for about three seconds. 
We also made and decorated a bunny cake. It was really simple using two round cakes you cut to make a bunny face. I am pretty sure the frosting and jelly beans were the highlight.
We got a surprise delivery of bonnets and purses for our Easter attire.
Didn't I tell you jelly beans were a huge hit this year? We love playing guess the flavor. Buttered popcorn was not a hit. Poor Lily found out the hard way her beloved red color was sometimes "spicy cinnamon"! Gemma inhales by the handful and Lily carefully inspects each one before eating.
The day before Easter we went to Goppy's church for a kids event. They had a special Easter message and then an egg hunt!!! It was more like an egg and treat pick up, no hunting necessary. Lily was filling her basket like mad.
Gemma got a few eggs and treats and then told Goppy, "that's enough, no more".
No room for more in here!
I think we have enough for ten girls! What a haul.
They even had the Easter Bunny on hand. We are pretty sure this wasn't the "real" Easter bunny since we have seen the Easter bunny in our yard for a few weeks. Lily also pointed out she could see someone's eyes inside this Easter bunny.
They even had bouncy houses!
You would think we didn't have a trampoline that does the same thing in our own yard. Guess it is more fun with twenty other kids inside.
We all went to lunch after to refuel. All the beautiful flowers are in bloom and the weather is just perfect.
Easter morning finally arrived. Lily was up at 5:30 with her flashlight searching the dark house. She came to wake us at 6:30 and Gemma woke as well so we headed to hunt for our baskets. The were behind the living room curtains!
Lily got an outfit for her American girl doll and Gemma got some bunny shaped noodles and the Peter Pan movie. The each got a dark chocolate bunny of course, and a few other bits and pieces.
We peaked out the curtains and managed to catch a glimpse of the real Easter bunny! He was nibbling the broccoli leaves Lily left for him in a "trap".
Since it was still pretty much zero dark thirty we had breakfast of champions (wheetabix)  before getting ready for church.
We looked in Gemma's closet for an Easter dress and found a sweet white eyelet dress I wore when I was little. It fit just right!
Lily got this pretty purple number from costco and it was just right too. We had gotten matching spring sandals a few weeks ago that went just right. Lily loved wearing her bonnet. Gemma, not so much.
At church we managed to make it just in not get a seat.  We had to stand in the back but that was ok. After church they did a butterfly release. They came in these little paper triangles. Much instruction to not pinch the paper was given before we could finally open our packet. 

Benji had this thing covered.
We all headed back to our place after church for brunch. It was delicious and Gemma ate her weight in ham. 

Benji ate his weight in carrots. He would have inhaled some ham if we let him.

Then the grandma bunnies handed our more little treats for all the kiddies!
After a brief interlude to have more mimosas and let our food settle we moved into the living room for some egg hunting. The weather was a bit drizzly and we didn't want damp eggs or muddy feet. Again Gemma finds one or two eggs and declares herself done.
Lily had to look low and high to find some of the tricky eggs that Uncle E hid.
Even Ben managed to find one tricky egg. Next year watch out! He is going to be all over it!
He wants those treats in his mouth NOW! The eggs had goldfish crackers in them and I am pretty sure he can manage one soon.
Gemma LOVES her some salty goldfish. This is her new silly face. I just love it. She has some great facial expressions. Look at that Aunt Tonya hair color. I keep crossing my fingers it will stay that color!
They each got a sleeping bag set for their American Girl dolls and they were a big hit. Now the dolls can camp right next to their bed.
Phew! Lucky we have spring break this week to recover from all the fun. 

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