Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hit the mats

Lily took a gymnastics class last year at the community center and has been asking to do it again. When we saw a deal at the actual gymnastics center for the month of April how could I say no? They even have a tiny girls class so Gemma could try it this time.

Gemma's class is first and she was so eager! She wasn't afraid at all and did everything the teacher said. Her two other classmates cried most of the class so it was lucky they didn't spook Gemma.

First you stretch on the mat.
Then it is jumping on the trampoline and off to the obstacle course. There is only one teacher, those are the other girls moms trying to keep their girls from crying.
Her favorite part of the day was jumping in the foam pit! It was just like the pool, she jumped over and over!
Lily's class was up next and was packed!! I guess her age group knows how to snatch up a bargain. They did pretty much the same routine.
Everyone has to wait their turn which is so hard when there are ten kids. She loves to play obstacle course at home so now we are gathering more ideas for our own courses!
She was quite exceptional on the trampoline, you know, all the practice she gets at home.
Now we just need to get advanced enough to be like the girl in the background here. The parallel bars.
I am pretty sure we are not going to get there on our $20 one month session! Maybe some day. They are begging to take dance as well so we need to keep our eyes out for a deal on that next.

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