Sunday, April 7, 2013

One fish, two fish

We have been taking Lily to swim lessons for over two years now. That means Gemma has been watching Lily swim for her entire life. Sure, Gemma gets to swim in the summer, but how fun can it be to watch your sister get lessons all the time? Well, now that Gemma is 2 1/2 she can join in the fun!! 

She started her first session of tiny tot seals and how fun that cousin Reese is in her class too! The first day she had a bit of a  hard time sitting and listening. 
She was really good at the actual swimming part. She just didn't get the whole waiting around at the steps when it isn't your turn part. The life guard stayed close and we all made sure she kept her hands on the side of the pool and not off in the deep end. 
Little did her teachers know, what a great "diver" she is too!
After her fantastic diving exhibition she got assigned her very own life guard to keep her from just jumping in all the time. 
By lesson two she had it all figured out. We had spent a lot of time talking about listening to your teacher and waiting your turn. These girls were whipped into shape by lesson two. It is so fun to watch Gemma and Reese have so much fun in class together.
Don't worry, big sis is still at it too. She is in the otters class with teacher Cody this time.
She is doing great. It is a tough level, the otters, so I think we will be in this class for a while.
Teacher Natalie took the girls for a ride on the floaty turtle which was a huge hit!
Gemma really and truly thinks she can swim and so I am sure she is wondering why this lady is holding on to her.
Back floats are a breeze too! I am thinking we will be moving up the swim class levels pretty quick with this one. So proud that she is having so much fun and is doing so well listening to her teacher and following instructions.

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